Affiliates, Publishers, Beware! (or whatever) Another Scam Site.

Every other day we are receiving emails from robbed affiliate publishers who put too much money and energy to promote Scandinavian programs offered by yet another scam site and Modus operandi is quite familiar, they just use publishers to generate leads for hundreds of Scandinavian advertisers and never pay them, just disabling publisher’s log in access when it comes to payment.

adfair scam

It was never heard of in Scandinavia though. What the Danish and Swedish Cyber Crime police is doing? Well, our duty was to inform our subscribers and readers, rest is upto the concerned authorities of the respective countries. A formal complaint has already been logged at the Copenhagen Police with signatures and other details of the complainant publishers against Henrik Sode Holm who is running the whole show. Action is yet to be taken.

Someone from the network contacted our hosting vendor and got suspended our account with them (only thief resort to such things)  but we are unfazed by such small acts as we’ve experienced the same during American School of Aviation Scam. We are in touch with many affiliates who were robbed by this rogue network and will continue this campaign alive with inputs from robbed affiliates in the coming days.