Why should you care about your web hosts?

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Web Hosting Geeks provide individuals and small companies with resources they may be unable to afford themselves, such as the many banks of servers needed to handle internet traffic. Why companies like Web Hosting Geeks are increasingly becoming popular amongst prospective site owners is because of their unique price offers.

By making it cheaper and easier for e-commerce companies to live on the Internet, the sites you buy from Web Hosting Geeks people can give the consumer fair prices and other benefits. For example, it would cost a user or a business on the Web hundreds to thousands of dollars a month to do what Web Hosting Geeks can do for as little as USD$15.00 a month. This savings can then filter down to the consumer in the form of lower prices.

Web Hosting Geeks also watches the servers of hundreds and thousands of other businesses and users, which is how this unique company is able to keep its fees low and services high while still making a profit.


Premier Helicopters Launches cadet pilot program for Helicopters

md_500ePremier Helicopters LLC and ArcOne Charters India have launched a cadet pilot program for helicopter pilots in India.
As a precursor to the launch of its Indian operations in 2009, Premier Helicopters LLC USA has decided to launch a cadet pilot program to train dedicated and talented Indian candidates as helicopter pilots. After finishing this self sponsored program, the cadets will be given options to join Premier Helicopters in its operations in India or abroad based on certain conditions.

The program is restricted to 40 cadets only and is based on a selection exam conducted in New Delhi on the 21st of December 2008.The flight training will be in the company hanger in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The requirements for the program are that the candidate (male or female) has to have cleared his/her 12th board examinations with physics and mathematics and should be above 18 years of age and medically fit as per DGCA requirements.

New generation travel sites and blogs of our times

Travel blogs are not about travelogues or beautiful pictures any more. New age of travel bloggers can be seen reporting from the Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

New generation has arrived already unnoticed and making felt their presence very loudly! Mad-mad world of e-travel is no more governed by the Kayak or Expedia, not even by IAN’s brainchild Hotel dot com or rivals Booking dot com but bunch of novice bloggers.

The other day I was browsing huge possibilities of education travel market which is very popular business these days in India. It seems that Education Travel Agents or one can say Study Abroad Consultants are not very keen on spending lot of money on e-solutions and to be very frank it is not easy to offer anything of such kind on the WWW but still Global Study Resources has done a remarkable job of engaging few big travel companies along with Careerbuilder and hostelbookers to offer all services one student requires for study abroad drill on single web site.

Study Abroad Commission Junction, a wordpress.com blog is one of the best examples of how to bind the business communities together for one and only cause; ‘BUSINESS’. I really liked the design and whole concept of this unique blog which is proving out to be one of the most busiest platform for Study Abroad Agents, marketing managers of Language Schools, Colleges & Universities worldwide. Updated information about the worldwide study abroad workshops is available for Agents and educational institutes. Most interesting part of the blog is it’s posts which are some times very hard hitting and discuss very serious matters.

Travel blogs are not about travelogues or beautiful pictures any more. New age of travel bloggers can be seen reporting from the Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Destination On Time sent it’s reporter which I was told is founder of this blog to Bangkok to cover the deadly drama of Bangkok’s Airport siege last month.  They do offer online air and hotel booking also.

Honor of being one of the most popular travel blog in Scandinavia or at least Sweden goes to Viking Goes Traveling which enjoys high Swedish traffic ranks and affiliation with almost all the major online travel players of Sweden. I liked the name though!

Now comes the turn of very controversial travel blog which deals in very serious matters such as Human Trafficking, Illegal Border Crossings, Illegal Immigration and other controversial stories related with travel industry. Blog is very well affiliated and monetized mainly with Linkshare.

And finally last but not least a new kid on the block. A blog which deals mainly with media related stories has come up recently and doing remarkable job of addressing the cause. Blog’s title says it all; ‘WE WILL BE BACK AFTER SHORT COMMERCIAL BREAK‘.

Solo Flight School providing free pilot training to stranded Indian student

Aneesh Mullacheri traveled halfway around the world only to watch his dream of becoming an American commercial pilot became a nightmare. Solo Flight School in Lakeport is helping him get back in the air with free private pilot training. (Tiffany Revelle)
Aneesh Mullacheri traveled halfway around the world only to watch his dream of becoming an American commercial pilot became a nightmare. Solo Flight School in Lakeport is helping him get back in the air with free private pilot training. (Tiffany Revelle)

By Tiffany Revelle — Record-Bee.com

LAKE COUNTY, CA – To call Aneesh Mullacheri determined is an understatement. He traveled halfway around the world only to watch his dream of becoming an American commercial pilot became a nightmare. But he hasn’t given up.

A six-month time limit on his visa is ticking while he eats and sleeps less than 100 yards from the small aircraft he will fly in Santa Rosa this weekend for the last leg of his private pilot licensing exam. His flight school American School of Aviation in Atwater, CA folded in July, taking the $40,000 he’d paid upfront and leaving him stranded. Solo Flight School in Lakeport is helping him get back in the air with free private pilot training.

“I know something good is going to happen,” Mullacheri said, a sparkle in his brown eyes.

In the same breath, Mullacheri acknowledged that flying days are over if he has to go back to India when his visa expires in February. He landed in San Francisco on his 18th birthday, ready to start commercial pilot training at the American School of Aviation in Atwater.

Mullacheri had $400 to his name and nowhere to live when the school declared bankruptcy. He called home for help – but not to his family.

“I didn’t want to give my grandfather another heart attack,” Mullacheri said.

Solo Flight School Co-owner Nancy Brier and her family took Mullacheri under their collective wing in October when they learned of his plight. The family’s already thin budget can only bear the cost of his private pilot license training, which is the first step to a commercial pilot license, which in turn is a stepping-stone to becoming a test pilot and ultimately an astronaut.

“My goal would be to at least help him get his commercial license,” Brier said.

She said the money is coming out of her family’s personal account, on top of providing transportation, living quarters and personal support. The family felt compelled, she said, not just by his circumstances, but also by his spirit.

Mullacheri said he felt responsible for his grandfather’s first heart attack during his eight-month struggle to get his visa and scrape together enough money for the flight school. His grandfather had been his only supporter at home, and had loaned him the money he still needed after selling approximately two acres of farming land he had inherited from his mother for approximately $25,000.

On top of selling everything he owned, Mullacheri broke centuries-old social traditions in his homeland of India by daring to follow that dream. His grandparents raised him after his mother died and his father dropped out of his life when he was four years old.

His career choices were down to a literal coin toss between the engineering and medical professions, with his peers and his grandparents tossing the coin. Mullacheri wanted more.

“They never ask what is your interest, what do you want to be? That is what I saw here, they are really optimists (here). But in my place, no. Maybe one in a thousand will be an optimist. All the others say, ‘Never dream big things,'” Mullacheri said.

Flight instructor Vernon Childers has walked Mullacheri through almost a month and a half of private pilot lessons, and said he “could use 20 more just like him” who have his determination and work ethic. Childers said Mullacheri passed the oral part of his exam in 30 minutes, a process that can take hours.

To learn more about Mullacheri’s circumstances or to help, call the Solo Flight School at 263-9920.

Contact Tiffany Revelle at trevelle@record-bee.com, or call her directly at 263-5636 ext. 37.

Flight Attendants want filtering of porn sites as passengers watching porn on flights

Video glasses keep porn private in public. right there in front of everyone — on planes or trains, in waiting rooms or libraries, while relaxing on a park bench or sipping a latte at Starbucks — without anyone knowing
Video glasses keep porn private in public. right there in front of everyone — on planes or trains, in waiting rooms or libraries, while relaxing on a park bench or sipping a latte at Starbucks — without anyone knowing

Leaders of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents some 19,000 workers including American Airlines flight attendants, asked American Airline’s management this week to consider adding filters to its in-flight Wi-Fi access to prevent passengers from viewing porn and other inappropriate Web sites while in-flight.

A union representative was quoted by Bloomberg News that attendants and passengers have raised “a lot of complaints” over the issue.

American Airlines is one of several airlines testing in-flight Internet access as a way to lure more passengers. AA has been offering the service on a limited basis since August 20th on some flights between New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and between New York and Miami. The cost of the service on cross-country flights is $12.95, and it’s $9.95 on the New York to Miami route.

The current program is in a 3- to 6-month trial period, and the airline plans to review usage and feedback on the service at the end of that period.

The controversy has stirred up an ongoing debate about whether Internet access in public places should be restricted. Earlier this year, the Denver International Airport took a lot flack for blocking access on its free Wi-Fi network to Web sites that officials deemed offensive.

The argument was made by Denver airport officials that users must abide by their rules because they are providing the service for free. But that case is harder to make for in-flight passengers, who are paying for Internet access.

Given that passengers usually sit literally elbow to elbow, it’s often hard not to at least glance at the laptop screen of the person sitting next to you. Most of the complaint are coming from flight attendants who thinks that risk of coming under some sort of sexual assault on them rises when passenger is engaged in such kind of exercise.  But airlines have not banned people from reading pornographic magazines or watching their own DVDs on flights. And it’s just as easy for someone to view a DVD of an adult video on a laptop or flip through Hustler as it is to surf porn Web sites.

The truth is that it hasn’t been a major problem on flights thus far. In fact, American Airline’s spokesman Tim Smith told Bloomberg News that the “vast majority” of customers already use good judgment in what’s appropriate to look at while flying versus what’s not.

And he added, “Customers viewing inappropriate material on board a flight is not a new scenario for our crews, who have always managed this issue with great success.”

Adios Paper Ticket!!!!

Come 1st June and paper tickets will gone forever! Airlines all over the world will start issuing E-Tickets only after midnight of 31st May 2008. Well, there is no need to look confused or panic when your travel agent will hand over a piece of printed paper with traveling dates etc printed on it. It is your ticket indeed from right now.

Lost it???????? No problems, it can’t be lost! You can print it yourself even on the airport just before your departure. Change your seating preferences, Order for meal of your choice and print your boarding pass and check-in from your bedroom! Yes, these are the few attractions of E-Ticketing. As for my fellow Travel Agents it is win win situation all the way. Let me show you some figures which can give you an overview of the tremendous cost cut and that will happen to travel agencies all over the world.

Electronic Ticketing benefits versus Paper Tickets – FOR Travel Agencies
Paper Ticket (PT)
Electronic Ticket (ET)

PT – Need for secure premises and provision of a safe, meeting minimum standards.
ET – Could set up as an Electronic Ticket only travel agency thereby removing the minimum requirement for a safe to store paper tickets and thus making accreditation easier.
PT – Deliver paper tickets on time to clients.
ET – Tickets can be issued up to departure time. No need to worry about providing the paper ticket, although there remains a need to provide mandatory notices to the passenger by electronic or other means.
PT – Need for knowledgeable staff to set up Prepaid Ticket Advices and check on ticket process status.
ET – No need to waste valuable time setting up Prepaid Ticket Advices as the tickets can be issued directly.
PT – Couriers or messengers may be needed to deliver tickets to customers thereby incurring additional costs.
ET – Not required any more.
PT – Changes after departure require a close relationship with the airline and the passenger who then must spend time contacting a ticket office to have a ticket changed.
ET – As the coupons are held electronically, the travel agent can perform the changes, exchange or reissue the ticket and make additional collections without requiring the passenger to waste valuable time at an airline’s office, resulting in added value services.
PT – Need for a storage facility for paper agent coupons.
ET – If audit coupons are required they may be stored electronically.
PT – Hardware, such as printers (ATB, OPTAT), needs to be maintained.
ET – Only a plain paper printer is required to print the itinerary/receipt and ticket notices.
PT – Ensure adequate stock in the office.
ET – Not required.
PT – Paper tickets can jam in the printer.
ET – Tickets are issued electronically.
PT – Customer may need to visit the travel agency for changes to their tickets
ET – Customer service is enhanced, productivity is increased and flexibility is added as all transactions can be performed without the customer needing to be present.