Why should you care about your web hosts?

web-hosting-geeks1Why should you care about Web hosts? Without Web hosts, the World Wide Web and e-commerce would not exist because the Internet was designed for the purpose of sharing information. Thanks to the companies like Web Hosting Geeks, people all over the world can shop for a wide variety of products from the comfort of their own homes.

Web Hosting Geeks provide individuals and small companies with resources they may be unable to afford themselves, such as the many banks of servers needed to handle internet traffic. Why companies like Web Hosting Geeks are increasingly becoming popular amongst prospective site owners is because of their unique price offers.

By making it cheaper and easier for e-commerce companies to live on the Internet, the sites you buy from Web Hosting Geeks people can give the consumer fair prices and other benefits. For example, it would cost a user or a business on the Web hundreds to thousands of dollars a month to do what Web Hosting Geeks can do for as little as USD$15.00 a month. This savings can then filter down to the consumer in the form of lower prices.

Web Hosting Geeks also watches the servers of hundreds and thousands of other businesses and users, which is how this unique company is able to keep its fees low and services high while still making a profit.


Travelling to Paris in these hard times? Try bed & breakfast to match the economy


One of the most ideal choice for short term as well as long stay during these difficult times is to use bed & breakfast. Believe me, it is more than value for money and it is not even hard to find a good Bed & Breakfast in Paris these days, thanks to this unique site Hotel Paris which can arrange bed-and-breakfast accommodation in Paris and getting good reviews from it’s customers.

Hotel Paris has a very wide choice of accommodation options that caters for all budgets. When calculating accommodation costs in Paris, assumes you’ll spend from Euros 20 per person per night in a hostel and at least Euros 35 for a wash-basin-equipped double in a budget Hotel Paris (count on anything up to Euros 65 if you want your own shower). Bear in mind that you may be charged up to Euros5 to use communal showers in budget hotels. If you can’s go without your daily ablutions, it is often a false economy staying at such places.

Hotels Paris offer some of the best value for money of any midrange budget accommodation in this bustling European Capital. Hotels at this level always have en suite bathrooms; all rooms listed in this section have showers or baths unless noted otherwise. These hotels charge between Euros 65 and Euros 150 for a double and are generally excellent value, especially at the higher end.

Pasadena, Crown of the Valley and a City with Conscience

pasadena_night A group of 27 settlers met on a knoll beside the Arroyo Seco to picnic and subdivide their 4,000 acres of land, launching a new village under the California sunshine. The land, purchased for $25,000 had been platted in 15-acre parcels. The following year, seeking a native American name with a pleasant sound, the newcomers named their colony “Pasadena,” from a Chippewa word suggesting “Crown of the Valley.”

Pasadena is situated on a broad alluvial slope below the San Gabriel Mountains. From its earliest years, the town of Pasadena has been richly endowed by nature. The abundant sunshine, dramatic mountains, and sparkling streams invited settlers to a near-paradise.

Pasadena is a sophisticated city but still fringed with large natural areas: the Arroyo Seco on the west, Eaton Canyon on the east, and the San Gabriel Mountains to the north. Parks and native plant gardens preserve gems of nature within the city. A broad canopy of street trees now gives Pasadena a green and shady aspect. Today the city is nearly built out and has about 146,000 residents. With annexations over the years, its area has grown to about 22 square miles.

Today’s Pasadena offers a host of lodging options With 2,500 guestrooms. Pasadena is home to five major hotels, four of which are within walking distance of the Pasadena Convention Center. The city also has 11 quaint motels and inns. The staff at the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau can assist you in selecting and booking the right hotel for your meeting or event. All of Pasadena Hotels evoke the splendor of days gone by. Today, these restored and elegant resort hotels feature grand getaways to spoil, pamper and indulge guests in luxurious surroundings.

Now a flying school in Arizona does American School of Aviation act

Hi Guys

Thank you for putting up your experience. I am of the opinion that most of the flying schools are scams and an awareness should be created among interested individuals. I am in a similar predicament as you guys. I joined a flying school in Arizona in June and had to withdraw from the school in November as the training was deficient. In spite of having a signed contract I haven’t received the balance back.i. e$23000 which I was to receive on 1 Jan 2009. The school I was training in ain’t bankrupt as yet.

However I am determined to get my deposit back. I would really appreciate if somebody could give me inputs as to how to go about it….


We may have made our mistakes along the way, but we are also humans with a limited capacity… and ASA was a business!


At least we do not deserve to be stoned all the way. Our main goal was the quality of training, we may have made our mistakes along the way, but we are also humans with a limited capacity… and ASA was a business, a successful business for 6 years in a row. but if the US and countries governments still can’t solve the fuel problems, why did people think we can? Consider this, Six months ago, we went to all the students saying you have to pay an additional $6,000 to $8,000 more for your training, what would have been the response? i personally went to UAE, China to get more profitable business so your families does not have to come up with the additional funds.

I am surprised, that Sasha Puri, Vikram Pawar, Suraj Chopra and Ameya Kameth did not mention to any one, that they paid their tuition in Gurgaon and that ASA in California never got a penny out of it?!! Specially that 3 of them already graduated, now was ASA out to Scam student? How about each one who paid the $2,000 deposit in Gurgaon? And the US never got a penny of it, but all of you got the credit on your account?

Now every one is going after the management, fine, put your self in Prince’s shoes and he admits he is an AW!!

On New Year’s Day, Juana opens up the school and is feeding the fish in the tank; guess what she found in there?

On a weekend evening, a drunken student pulls the fire alarm (Accidently!!) who had to leave the house to baby sit the reset of the students?

Students playing cricket in the parking lot, using the school’s furniture as goals..
For God Sake, we had to teach students to take a shower before showing up for class!!

Add to that, dealing with the FAA, Mechanics, India, lawyers, accountants, airport management for every little thing that students do!!

Parents, how do I tell a father, that your son is drinking every night and I have an arrest warrant for him? How do I tell your parents, your son is not showing up for lessons because the schedule is too early?! How do we tell them, your son is too busy with the bank teller and does not have time to study?!! Etc…

Here is what happened,
April last year 2007, Gurgaon was shut down costing a lot of money
July, was the last KFA interview
November, KFA staff came to visit to expand the relationship, instead, students complained about the housing and God knows what else, so they did not give a damn and cancelled the tie up!!
Still in November, 17 Students panicked and left the school creating more negative publicity.

Here is a quick lesson in business, if your current customers are pushing your new customers away for whatever reason, you run out of money and eventually your business runs out!!

ASA lost the market in India, even though, over 200 students graduated form there, all of the sudden, every one forgot that fact!!
November, I go to UAE to get some business, I got one student
March I got to China to get some business, it takes time
April I go to Egypt to get some business, we got 3 .

All of that and the FAA is on our tail to shut us down, in 2007, we had 109 inspections, and my question to them, if we were so bad, why did not you shut us down?!! And if we were not so bad, why did you inspect us 109 times?
I still do not have an answer to that, the FAA alone, costed 20% of Prince’s work week just to entertain them!! Why is it, that none of the students asked them that question?

I am sorry the management had to be strict as we did not have time to baby sit adults who were suppose to be in the air lines in a matter of months, I hope your future captains will make sure to tuck you in your seat before you fly!! Our main goal was to make you a pilot because we truly believed that one day thought out your career, the only thing that will save your life is your training, and that was our priority number 1.

They took our airplanes, cars and our house is about to be taken, but no one can take this from us
Our safety record is 100%, 98% of our graduates are successfully employed and satisfied with the training.

Reny Kozman

Options Abound in Massage Education

massage_therapistFor years, research has shown the physical and mental health benefits of massage therapy. Massage can relieve pain, reduce stress and lift mood, which is especially important during the short, dark days of winter. In older days it was advisable to travel far away (whichever was nearer to your country) countries for Massage therapy. For Instance, Arab world preferred Kerala (India) while other asian countries relied upon famous Thai massage. Europe swears by the Swedish Massage but not anymore. You are not required to spend huge amount of money for massage therapy holidays anymore.

Massage therapy has come a long way. The thing about massage therapy is that it’s an industry that keeps growing because of the diversification. There’s always going to be a need for people who are dealing with health issues or need physical therapy. Mobile massages are now growing. An employer can ask for chair massages for their employees.

Massage therapy is one of the best know means of manipulating the body with the hands and other tools in a manner that relieves tension, exercises muscles and provides therapeutic stimulation to the body. This brief explanation is by no means all inclusive or respective of the many different types of massage therapy techniques, formulas, formats and the like that are used today in countries around the world. Whether you are considering a career in massage therapy by joining one of massage therapist school or simply wish to earn continuing education units to maintain your current massage credential, there are all sorts of options when it comes to enrolling in a massage program. Unlike years past, when school schedules lacked flexibility, today’s massage education may frequently be tailored to the individual needs of the student.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the huge advances made in online learning in recent years, it is entirely possible to attend much of massage school online. This benefit spills over into continuing education as well, allowing bodyworkers to earn credits in continuing education from the comfort of their own home or office. The perks of enrolling in online massage classes are many, whether the course is part of one’s primary massage education or a class offered as continuing education with special arrangements in one of the  massage schools.

Massage certification—National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB), NCETM or Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx)—continues to become more prevalent nationwide as states choose to regulate their massage licensing more stringently with the utilization of massage exams. Choosing a quality school, as well as a quality practice exam program, becomes imperative to pass the rigorous massage exams offered in your state. The spa industry is one of the main sources of employment for a massage therapist, whether just out of massage school and trying to build a client base or decades into the business and enjoying the spa environment.

Premier Helicopters Launches cadet pilot program for Helicopters

md_500ePremier Helicopters LLC and ArcOne Charters India have launched a cadet pilot program for helicopter pilots in India.
As a precursor to the launch of its Indian operations in 2009, Premier Helicopters LLC USA has decided to launch a cadet pilot program to train dedicated and talented Indian candidates as helicopter pilots. After finishing this self sponsored program, the cadets will be given options to join Premier Helicopters in its operations in India or abroad based on certain conditions.

The program is restricted to 40 cadets only and is based on a selection exam conducted in New Delhi on the 21st of December 2008.The flight training will be in the company hanger in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The requirements for the program are that the candidate (male or female) has to have cleared his/her 12th board examinations with physics and mathematics and should be above 18 years of age and medically fit as per DGCA requirements.