About SecondCity

SecondCity blog was started in year 2008  as a curtain raiser for our main site. Within few months of its launch, SecondCity became very popular when it started a campaign to help stranded Indian students of American School of Aviation, Atwater, USA and since than it has never looked back. Our initial plan was to discontinue the SecondCity blog after the launch of offcial site but the responce we were getting from all over the world was so overwhelming that we decided to carry on with this blog.

SecondCity is inspired by city beautiful Chandigarh which is not just another planned city but its a vision of modern India. A city built on the foothills of Himalayas, a dream seen by India’s first Prime Minister and fulfilled by a Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier.

Concept of SecondCity is very much like Chandigarh’s famous open hand landscape sculpture which is driving force of this wonderful city. Travelers visit Chandigarh from all corners of the world and leave so many expressions behind for others to adopt. Travel is all about taking something along and leaving few things behind for others to adopt.

Try visiting this SecondCity of India once in a lifetime. It will definitly adopt something of you.


4 thoughts on “About SecondCity”

  1. 2ndcity,
    Is the current problem being experienced on your site going to be resolved
    any time soon?
    Plese let the subscribers and viewers know what’s happening and when it’ll be
    echo yankee, over!


  2. Hi SecondCity and Echo Yankee,
    I am working on a series of articles about ASA in India-West newspaper and I would very much like to speak to you.
    Please contact me at lisa@indiawest.com or by phone at 510-383-1146.
    Thank you
    Lisa Tsering
    Reporter, India-West


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