Online Gambling Portal Updates Exclusive Casino Bonuses



Leading online gambling portal and news service, Five Star Gambling, has updated their list of exclusive online casinos bonuses and added a few great new offers available only at their website. The old cliché of “why settle for less” has never been more true than it is at Five Star Gambling. The portal has added a number of new bonuses that are available to players pretty much everywhere in the world, including the United States of America

 I have my doubts though, cos my friend said that a croupier told him that when you play for money, many sites use a different program that isn’t random so you end up losing, as opposed to the random program used when you play for fun. To back this up, my dad worked out a system that had been winning overall everytime he played for fun, but as soon as he played for money in the same way, he lost all the money straight away, and now he daren’t play again.  I decided to give it a try to this one of the most talked about portal in the circles of USA Online Casinos. Five Star Gamble is still one of the best options when it comes to online casino gambling portals. Amazing features including Las Vegas Casino Guide even! Five Star Gamble is an online casino guide providing a selection of the best online casinos. Whether you’re a US online casino player or an international player you’ll find some of the web’s most trusted and reputable online casinos.

Why I’m obsessed with Five Star People because simplicity of the site and ease of use. Left navigation bar is pulse of this site which is designed by keeping in mind the player’s behaviour. Players can start off by checking online casino reviews or they can choose to play the casinos by the software. Best Casino Bonuses and progressive jackpots are also primary attractions of this unique site.

Authenticity is prime concern for the players spending money on online casinos. Players want to know more about the site they are engaged with. I was very much impressed with the Five Star guys who keep updating their site and site links regularly. Very recently on 20th February 2009 they removed almost all of the sites that were listed in their Casino Guide section as most of them were no longer active and many of them simply were no longer worth of placement as recommended  by their visitors who regularly send them feedbacks about the sites featured on Five Star Gamble. The good news is that they’ve substituted many of the former listings with other quality sites which they feel are top rated online casino guides.


Why should you care about your web hosts?

web-hosting-geeks1Why should you care about Web hosts? Without Web hosts, the World Wide Web and e-commerce would not exist because the Internet was designed for the purpose of sharing information. Thanks to the companies like Web Hosting Geeks, people all over the world can shop for a wide variety of products from the comfort of their own homes.

Web Hosting Geeks provide individuals and small companies with resources they may be unable to afford themselves, such as the many banks of servers needed to handle internet traffic. Why companies like Web Hosting Geeks are increasingly becoming popular amongst prospective site owners is because of their unique price offers.

By making it cheaper and easier for e-commerce companies to live on the Internet, the sites you buy from Web Hosting Geeks people can give the consumer fair prices and other benefits. For example, it would cost a user or a business on the Web hundreds to thousands of dollars a month to do what Web Hosting Geeks can do for as little as USD$15.00 a month. This savings can then filter down to the consumer in the form of lower prices.

Web Hosting Geeks also watches the servers of hundreds and thousands of other businesses and users, which is how this unique company is able to keep its fees low and services high while still making a profit.

Travelling to Paris in these hard times? Try bed & breakfast to match the economy


One of the most ideal choice for short term as well as long stay during these difficult times is to use bed & breakfast. Believe me, it is more than value for money and it is not even hard to find a good Bed & Breakfast in Paris these days, thanks to this unique site Hotel Paris which can arrange bed-and-breakfast accommodation in Paris and getting good reviews from it’s customers.

Hotel Paris has a very wide choice of accommodation options that caters for all budgets. When calculating accommodation costs in Paris, assumes you’ll spend from Euros 20 per person per night in a hostel and at least Euros 35 for a wash-basin-equipped double in a budget Hotel Paris (count on anything up to Euros 65 if you want your own shower). Bear in mind that you may be charged up to Euros5 to use communal showers in budget hotels. If you can’s go without your daily ablutions, it is often a false economy staying at such places.

Hotels Paris offer some of the best value for money of any midrange budget accommodation in this bustling European Capital. Hotels at this level always have en suite bathrooms; all rooms listed in this section have showers or baths unless noted otherwise. These hotels charge between Euros 65 and Euros 150 for a double and are generally excellent value, especially at the higher end.