Luxury holidays in Mauritius, Playground of life and love – Eden de vie et d’amour

A view of Le Saint Geran Mauritius
A view of Le Saint Geran Mauritius

Originally, honeymoons are frequently associated with luxury holidays. Journeys to such destinations that are luxurious, far from madding crowd and unusual. A journey to reminiscent forever will be the perfect honeymoon.

You may envision your honeymoon as nonstop bliss, but like any trip it can have its ups and downs. Most popular & crowded traditional travel destination are booked a year in advance. Wonder why people choose such locations where only the bedroom of their hotel is the place where they can be within themselves.

Our thirst for world’s most exotic and unusual locations for the sake of our readers started with compiling many travel articles from magazines, consulting the guidebooks at the nearest mega-bookstores, reviewing of travel sections of newspapers and travel websites. We narrowed our destination choice to Mauritius, a wonderful luxurious destination in Indian Oceans to have your wedding, honeymoon or even playing golf. Following are the Mauritius’ two best selling luxury resorts of all time which are popular for wedding ceremonies and honeymoons all over the world.

One of the most stunning locations in Mauritius is Le Saint Geran Mauritius, which is located on 60 acres of tropical gardens filled with swaying palms and colorful flowers on the golden peninsula of Belle Mare, set on the northeast coast of Mauritius, with the Indian Ocean on one side and coral-sheltered lagoon on the other, fringed by nearly a mile-long white sand beach.

Nature's own golf court at Le Touessrok Mauritius
Nature's own golf court at Le Touessrok Mauritius

Another Mauritius’ most luxurious resorts, Le Touessrok Mauritius sits in a gloriously romantic setting on  promontory, surrounded by white sand beaches and backed by the dramatic profile of the Bambous mountains. Guests look out on the turquoise waters of the shallow lagoon from their suites on an islet, linked to main building by a charming wooden bridge. The no-noise factor is a definite plus for residents – only non-motorized water sports are offered around the resort.

Mauritius is highly suitable for couples seeking luxury holidays in complete privacy, relaxation and intimacy.


Author: Paramjit Gandhi

A former art critic, Paramjit now builds the custom Apps that create the Tabs that make Custom Facebook Pages special from his small Bangkok studio. He also builds WordPress Blogs. He's an avid cricket fan, rides an old Volvo (1991), loves Google+ and can tolerates twitter up to some extent.

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