Open letter to the parents of victimized ASA students

Dear Parents of victimized ASA students:

I have no doubt the sentiment and plea expressed in the letters addressed to the respected Mr. Vayalar Ravi, the Minister sent by many of you represent the collective emotions of those who were caught up in the recent ASA fiasco of horrendous order of magnitude. My heart goes out to you all during this time of enduring hardship.

If I may, I’d like to ask if any one of you ever received a reply from the Minister’s office for coming forward with a relief offer of any kind let alone simply acknowledging the receipt of your letter so far?…….thought so.

While I sincerely hope a meaningful relief is forthcoming from either government, it seems that to happen in this instance is far less likely much to everyone’s disappointment.

While I am firmly convinced what the duo Prince and Reny have done to the students amounts to a criminal fraud and they must be brought to justice, I am also firmly convinced that the recovery of the lost student’s funds should be vigorously pursued by all means by instituting the most formidable consume fraud case in the history of Indian jurisprudence against ASA as well KFA as a plausible accomplice by knowingly or unknowingly in aiding and abetting the Ponzi scheme then run by ASA.

It won’t happen overnight and no one can do it alone. It takes a collective determination and intention (will) to follow through until the objective is achieved. Never mind the government assistance, it’s not coming except in a form of meaningless lip services and dancing and skirting around the issue.

Why not organizing the ASA student family group in India by contacting and enlisting alliances with other families, consumer advocacy groups, legal outreach groups and likes all the while promoting public media attention?

It will succeed eventually as long as the effort continues. Just expecting someone else to do it won’t work because nothing will ever get done in that way. Everyone must get involved and take an active role however small that may be in a collective effort for a common cause. Isn’t that what the great people of India brought down the Great Britain to its knees to forfeit then the colonial territory in the end?

It can be done and to think otherwise you’re vastly underestimating what the collective effort by a group of determined people can achieve. Don’t be daunted by a sheer size of KFA and the Indian lending institutions as the corporate size means little, if anything, in the justice of law. Rise up and press on!

All the best and good luck to you all.


Echo Yankee, ATP/A&P


Author: Paramjit Gandhi

A former art critic, Paramjit now builds the custom Apps that create the Tabs that make Custom Facebook Pages special from his small Bangkok studio. He also builds WordPress Blogs. He's an avid cricket fan, rides an old Volvo (1991), loves Google+ and can tolerates twitter up to some extent.

4 thoughts on “Open letter to the parents of victimized ASA students”

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  2. Everyone thinks that Reny and Prince are the bad ones. But let me tell you all one thing, the students are not innocent in this case. Everyone is blaming Prince of doing illegal works, what about the students. Don’t you guys think that Prince have records of all the studnets that overlogged hours, and students that flew for each other, and what about sundets who went 4 and 4 on solo flights??

    If Prince wants, he can screw you all up!!

    ASA had the most stupid stundets ever, Prince is not the one to blame. He did everythign he could! ASA was the biggest and cheapest school. And why did you all come to ASA? Because of its reputaiton and beacause it was cheap. That is the only thing oyu guys think about, cheap, cheap and cheap!

    He did what he could, but you guys broke the rules all the time. If you all did as Prince said, no one would have lost money.


  3. whoever this person is.. firstly is a coward.. not disclosing the name… but still i care a damn about it..
    i want to know… if u blame the students for everything.. how would u justify that manpreet and reny spent the money given by the students to them as tuition fees for getting educated to be a pilot.. ..who gave them the right to take money from students and use it for their needs…

    if u say students broke the rules.. how would u justify the case of students who dont have more than 10 15 hours of flying.. and that students who joined may and june 08.. like me.. who have not had a single flight.. that their money is not being returned.. that we are being said… we dont have ur money..
    i dint give my money to manpreet and reny to satisfy them.. by putting my parents lifetime money and house on auction.. and let manpreet and reny enjoy on my parents life….

    i wont let that.. and THIS IS NOT CHEAP.. ITS WORSE THAN THAT.. .so whoever it is who has posted this earlier stuff.. put ur name.. and i ll talk to u over it..


  4. My view from the sideline:

    EX ASA doesn’t claim him/herself to be an ex ASA student, and along with the message that carries could lead me to believe the poster is either Prince or Reny themselves or one of their blessed remnant cronies still around.

    Having said that, what the EX ASA said makes a perfect sense from his or her point of view in a futile attempt to point and shift the blame to the students.

    The alleged student infractions have no bearing whatsoever on the mismanagement and criminal wrongdoings committed by Prince and Reny. The notion somehow to suggest that the school closure was caused by the student infractions is preposterous. It’s premise has more holes than Swiss cheese and doesn’t hold any water at all, and therefore it doesn’t merit any meaningful rebuttal.

    On a more serious note, I’ve come to notice a sharp decline in the number of posts in this ASA blog site lately. Once thriving and very active blog site has now become all but quiet. What happened? Where’s everyone?
    So are you all having a short memory or compassionate enough to “Forgive and Forget”. Is that it, ex ASA students and parents?

    Humm, I’m wondering.

    echo yankee


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