I think many of us on the blog echo your outrage saying “WHY ON EARTH IS THE AMERICAN POLICE NOT ARRESTING THESE FREAKS…PLEASE DO SOMETHING ON THAT REGARD..” believe me we’re all trying and doing just that. American police we call them county sheriff here works with their set of priorities then set at any given time and they are not so quick to jump the guns so to speak on every case that falls into their doorsteps. We’ve been trying to push the case to their higher priority as you could read in my and other’s earlier posts.

Worry not, the justice will be served one way or the other without fail. We could leave that to the US judicial system and if not to our all mighty boomerang system. Either way, it’ll get done. You watch.

Now since putting the perpetrators behind bars won’t deliver a dime to the students and their parents (or, is it 10 PAISE in your homeland?) and we are equally or even more interested in how to recover the lost student’s funds in the meantime. Dealing with this isn’t quite easy because lawyers often come into play. Some are like magicians as even a simple black and white matter can be gradually changed to gray and before you know it, it’ll be completely changed to the opposite color in the hands of a skilled lawyer.

But worry not, a half the lawyers lose their cases, so everyone has a 50% chance of success to begin with, we just have to build a strong enough case that holds water and find holes in other’s. It can be done. It’s not easy but not as hard as clearing the IIT entrance exam in your homeland, IMHO.

Stay tuned on this channel for more ASA latest.

Echo yankee, out!


Author: Paramjit Gandhi

A former art critic, Paramjit now builds the custom Apps that create the Tabs that make Custom Facebook Pages special from his small Bangkok studio. He also builds WordPress Blogs. He's an avid cricket fan, rides an old Volvo (1991), loves Google+ and can tolerates twitter up to some extent.


  1. Criminal Matter – American School of Aviation

    What occurred or reported to have occurred at ASA

    1. It (ASA) failed to deliver flight training to its students as per the agreement
    2. It failed to refund the unused tuition to the students when requested.
    3. It operated in violation of numerous Federal, State and local regulations.
    4. They (Prince & Reny; owners) lacked moral, professional and business fitness to run a fight school.
    5. They defrauded students.
    6. They defrauded local merchants.
    7. They defrauded local governments
    8. They defrauded federal government
    9. They endangered the health and welfare of the students and their parents home.

    Applicable California State Penal Code

    Criminal fraud committed against students
    □§532 False pretenses; obtaining money, labor, or property; punishment;

    Every person who knowingly and designedly, by any false or fraudulent representation or pretense, defrauds any other person of money, labor, or property, whether real or personal, is punishable in the same manner and to the same extent as for larceny of the money or property so obtained.

    □§484b. Diversion of funds received to obtain or pay for services, labor, materials or equipment;

    Any person who receives money for the purpose of obtaining services and wrongfully diverts the funds to a use other than that for which the funds were received, shall be guilty of a public offense and shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or by imprisonment in the state prison, or in the county jail not exceeding one year, or by both such fine and such imprisonment.

    □§476a. Checks, drafts or orders on banks; insufficient funds; intent to defraud; punishment;

    Any person who willfully, with intent to defraud, makes or draws or utters or delivers any check, draft or order upon any bank or depositary, or person, or firm, or corporation, for the payment of money, knowing at the time of such making, drawing, uttering, or delivering that the maker or drawer or the corporation has not sufficient funds in, or credit with said bank or depositary for the payment of such check upon such funds then outstanding, in full upon its presentation is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or in the state prison.

    Crime against creditor
    □§154 Debtor fraudulently removing, conveying, or concealing property;

    Every debtor who fraudulently removes his property or effects out of this state, or fraudulently sells, conveys, assigns or conceals his property with intent to defraud, hinder or delay his creditors of their rights, claims or demands, is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or by fine not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both; provided, however, that where the property so removed or sold or conveyed, or assigned or concealed, consists of a stock in trade or a part thereof, of a value exceeding one hundred dollars, the offense shall be a felony and punishable as such.

    □§155 Defendant or judgement debtor fraudulently removing, concealing, or disposing of personal
    property sought to be recovered;

    Every person against whom an action is pending, or against whom a judgement has been rendered for the recovery of any personal property, who fraudulently conceals, sells, or disposes of such property, with intent to hinder, delay, or defraud the person bringing such action or recovering such judgement, or with such intent the time of the commencement of such action or the rendering of such judgement, is punishable as provide in the proceeding section.

    Crime against landlord
    □§537 Defrauding innkeepers, etc.;
    Any person who obtains any accommodations at apartment house, without paying therefore, with intent to defraud the proprietor or manager thereof, is guilty of a public offense punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not more than one year, or in the state prison.

    Most of the above offenses if not all are felony offences each carrying one or more years of imprisonment if convicted. In the ASA case, if the DA is successful in achieving even one criminal conviction, that will land over 100 years in jail time for those convicted. (each one count times a number of victims/students and you get the idea.)

    Don’t let the front desk clerk to tell you it’s a civil matter and turn you away. A completed crime report must be accepted and a crime reference number (CRN ) must be issued upon filing. You’re not making any request there, rather you’re making a unilateral filing action. It’s important that the crime report (pleadings in lawyer’s term) is completely prepared in accordance with the county’s criminal procedures protocol. Ask your lawyer if you already have one, if not contact SABA and ask one of their pro bono lawyers to help you prepare a crime report and have it filed at Merced county sheriff’s dept.

    Now those are just few of the state penal codes that I came up with for the moment and by doing a little research on my own (I can’t afford a $250/hr lawyer for reading the same law books).

    On the Federal statutes violation side, here’re some of the applicable codes under the Title 18 of USC –Crimes and Criminal Procedures that could well apply to the ASA case on the Federal offense side for the feds to pursue.

    □§31 Aircraft and Motor Vehicles
    □§241 Civil Rights
    □§371 Conspiracy
    □§641 Embezzlement and Theft
    □§1001 Fraud and False Statements
    □§1231 Labor
    □§1341 Mail Fraud
    □§1343 Wire Fraud
    □§1421 Nationality and Citizenship
    □§1821 Professions and Occupations
    □§1951 Racketeering
    □§1961 RICO
    □§2071 Records and Reports

    What needed to achieve a conviction requires only two things like everything else in everyone’s life, desire and strong enough intention (will) to carry it out, the rest will follow.

    Report online the duo Prince and Reny’s criminal fraud to FBI also.
    FB I Crime Report Form


  2. Civil Matter – American School of Aviation

    Possible code and ordinance violations;

    Federal Statutory Code;

    Improper aircraft registration
    Non compliance with aircraft registration requirement

    Improper aircraft maintenance
    Non compliance with aircraft maintenance requirement

    Improper school operation
    Non compliance with P141 school requirement

    Improper report, paperwork
    Non compliance with AFSP, DHS requirement

    Non payment on tax due
    Non compliance with IRS requirement

    Non payment on employment taxes
    Non compliance with IRS requirement

    California State Statutory Code;

    No aircraft insurance filing
    Non compliance with PUC insurance requirement

    No payment on employment taxes
    Non compliance with EDD requirement

    No delivery of services contracted and paid
    Non compliance with Business & Professions code requirement

    No tuition refund made
    Non compliance with DEO requirement

    No payment on fuel purchased
    Non compliance with Business and Professions Code requirement

    Merced County Ordinance;

    Unpaid office/hangar, tie-down rent
    Non compliance with county lease agreement

    Unhealthy dormitory conditions
    Non compliance with county health code requirement

    Hazardous and reckless operation
    Non compliance with airport operations requirement

    And perhaps in more possible violations committed by ASA. Any competent lawyer should be able to find an appropriate code, ordinance citation and build a strong enough case against the duo Prince and Reny in a civil court for getting a civil penalty and judgement in their respective case.


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