Its flying time as ususal for group of students hand picked by Prince & Reny

-My view from the sideline-

Most recent ASA flight activities appearing on the Flight Aware Tracking System

Cessna 172/A N1482M
Dep. Hayward 20:51 PDT
Arr. Chico Unknown

Cessna 152/A N 757XY
Dep. Modesto 12:56 PDT
Arr. Redding Unknown

BE76 Duchess N7774T
Dep. Hayward 18:11 PDT
Arr. Modesto 18:35 PDT

As suspected by one of the Ex-ASA students who posted earlier, all indications are now clearly pointing to the high probability that the remnants of ASA made up of few former ASA CFIs and a group of students hand picked by Prince and Reny have been flying out of Hayward and Modesto and elsewhere.

The two of the above aircraft (N757XY and N7774T) are among the 19 aircraft that changed hands recently.

Apparently sale/lease back or sale/payment by use type arrangement is allowing them to keep possession of some of the aircraft sold and continue to use them for those clandestine training flights.

echo yankee, over & out!

15 thoughts on “Its flying time as ususal for group of students hand picked by Prince & Reny”

  1. Sir,

    Thank you for taking an active interest in our situation.Really makes us feel that we are not alone.Now i couldn’t find any form on the given website you please guide me on the same?

    Thank you


  2. Sirs,

    This email is with relation to the ASA scenario.We have unconfirmed reports that a few students are still flying ASA planes from Modesto and Hayward.The students have already suffered enough at the hands of the owners Prince Singh and Reny Kozman.These reports are like rubbing salt to our wounds.We have given up any hope of recovering our money from the cheats but it is unacceptable that the school planes continue to fly in Californian airspace.I dont know what the legal solution for this problem is and would really appreciate your office’s support.Please dont allow these cheats to get away scot free with these dastardly acts.

    Thank You,
    An Ex-ASA student.


  3. Everyone knows the hand picked people of Prince and Renny, but no one comes forward with their names, they are taking the advantage of the situation, utilising the money lost by 100’s of students and logging false hours without even having a proper immigration status. Every hand picked pawns of Prince and Renny have given the same excuse of loosing their logbooks and getting new ones with logging double of hours with help of Mr. Princee. These people should also be procecuted along with their Godfather’s.


  4. Ex,
    Link to the sheriff’s dept. is mean to be for the general information purpose for finding their address phone number, etc., I don’t see the crime report form and any filing information on their website either.

    Most police and sheriff’s dept. they have crime report forms available but I’m not sure about Merced County sheriff’s dept. That’s why I said go there and ask one along with the instruction and if they don’t have one available, ask a sample copy that shows how it’s need to be prepared.

    Better yet, call SABA first and ask one of their pro bono lawyers to send you a form and help you prepare one and file.

    Don’t hesitate to ask questions and better to always have the list of questions prepared either mentally or in writing before you make call.

    America as I know it is the answer land. There are always a variety of answers available in every situation only if you ask. If you don’t get the information you need or want, you’re not asking the right questions. Keep asking until you get the information you need.

    Case in point, you asked the question, and what you think getting now? Got it?

    Press on.

    Echo Yankee, out!


  5. Sir,

    I have already got in touch with Mr.Khoja from SABA..lets see how things go from here..all i care about now onwards is punishing Prince “Pauper” Singh and his “wife” Reny Kozman…recovering the money is secondary..

    Thank you for all your support,
    hope to see more posts from you soon


  6. Dear ASA Students,

    I know the all students and the CFI flying with ASA.

    Student no. 1. Kaushik, 2.Shivani 3.deepak and so far as per my information two CFI is still working . Gim is one of them.
    go to FAA web site and u will find 18+ planes still on the name of manpreet singh or on the name of asa.

    These guys r just paying for the fuel and they mostly fly after the tower is closed .so that these students are not traced. They are smart enough to fool FAA and airport Authorities.

    These guys have sumitted an application for a new passport. they said that ,its lost , i Hope is this to run away from their immigration satus or to delay there status..
    one more thing, U can check when was the reg. plane on the said prince


  7. Ex,
    For the punishment part whether delivered by the US justice system or by the all mighty boomerang justice, it will be delivered without fail. Consider it’s done.

    Hence, I am more concerned and interested in how to recover those lost student’s fund. From day one, I’ve been advocating a legal premise to bring KFA and Indian banks and lending institutions that underwrote student loans in India as co-defendants to the lawsuit.

    Forget about any possibility of collecting anything from the duo, if something could be yield that’s fine but that’s’ way too little even to cover the court cost. It needs to build a strong enough case that will eventually bring KFC and the student loan lenders to the negotiating table.

    It seems a long shot but it can be done and must be done if the student’s loss is to be fully recovered, and I can see this is probably the only way that makes it possible. To achieve this end, the plaintiffs need a vigorous and aggressive yet astute civil litigation attorney with a connection in the Indian judicial system. I am still hoping someone of that caliber from SABA to emerge and step forward to take this case.
    Let’s see what develops from SABA in coming days ahead. Stay tuned.

    echo yankee, out!


  8. Yes thanks Mr. Bjoy aden for providing the names, IT SEEMS THEY ARE TALENTED AND CLEVER ENOUGH TO PROVE THE FAA AND THE IMMIGRATION TO LOOK LIKE A FOOL. Two of the names (KAUSHIK & SHIVANI) were a fish trapper for Prince and Renny, they earned a lot by catching innocent students from India and elsewhere and made false promises even when the school was in the brink of extinction, they even said the student’s it was a summer vacation and they would recieve a new laptop from the school when it reopens, and the third name (DEEPAK MAHALA) is a great and renounded person in ASA, an alcoholic and a drugs addict who was and is a hired mercenary for Prince and Renny to threten the students from time to time. A few number of such cases are also registered againts him in the merced county. And about JIM I have no clue why is he still likking Prince and Renny’s ()’s, probably he wants some multi hours so he even wants to tripple his multi hours on the Dutchees as he was turned down from Cal Air for not meeting his multi requirements for an multi instructor post. They know it very well that with the current status they can complete their requirements but cannot go on with a checkride, so the next thing they will do is to get an I-20 of a school, get new TSA’s and complete their checkride. And probably they will seek a school which is far away from here, may be Arizona, Texus or elsewhere so that their records cannot be traced. I have full support for the students of ASA who have suffered such heavy losses, and I am getting other people to help them but my sincere request will also be that all the students and the people who are in support should stand up and stop these kind of mean minded people to get away easily, they dont have any sympathy towards the suffered students, they only know their business, they can dance on their own ones graves for getting their work done. As per my information I have the news where these students are going to get their admissions for their checkride, and I will work seriously to see that I can update the concerned school regarding the matter so that they can not escape.


  9. Bjoy aden,

    Thanks for coming forward with the information.
    Perhaps their full name would be helpful for those seeking their full identity that likely to include the FAA.

    Thanks again.

    echo yankee, out!


    1. Listen up you Losers, these students were top of their class and can be proven by their placements and records. On the other hand you guys seem nothing more than cry babies b’cause you lost it all. Bad mouthing somebody will get you nothing. If you were skilled enough you guys would not be working illegally for pennies. Someone is selling perfumes , some have sold their gf’s , really shame on you. You guys are making no sense. Even after all this, they should have not gotten what they did. They only did so because they fought. And for all the ppl here that think they were doing something illegal, they weren’t. You guys did not have the balls.dont blame someone else for your miseries. You only seem weak. I ask all the students who complain, have you gotten anywhere? no! Because you guys were never worth it. So stop blaming anyone for your troubles , because you are to blame for them. And for gods sake stop crying foul.
      Fucking losers!!!


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