Question to all former ASA students who were the victims of criminal fraud

My view from the sideline:

Has anyone ever filed a crime report so far against Prince and Reny for a criminal fraud and received a crime reference number (CRN ) assigned by the sheriff’s department?………………….didn’t think so.

Over 100 students were wronged, yet no victims officially exist as far as the sheriff’s department is concerned because no crime report was filed.

Ignorance and assumptions are all too often dangerous.

No wonder this isn’t getting any traction. Much to my surprise, there seems to be no crime report against Prince and Reny has ever been filed with Merced County Sheriff’s Department by any former ASA student. Only one filed so far appears to be the fuel supplier who was reported to be owed $56,000 unpaid fuel.

Now onto your case, no matter how bad you want the duo to be put behind bars, just hoping and thinking doesn’t make it so. This is probably what’s transpiring: No criminal report filed→no criminal victim→no criminal charge brought forward That pretty much explains it. You all need to do what it takes by methodically following the established judicial procedures step by step. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to Merced County Sheriff’s Department and get a Criminal Report Form
(If they don’t have the forms available get an instruction on how to prepare or better yet get a sample copy)

2. Contact SABA and ask one of their lawyers to help preparing a crime report
3. When it’s ready, take it to the Sheriff’s Department and file it.
4. Get a crime reference number (CRN ) assigned to your case (this is used for follow up and status check)
5. Tell everyone to do the same, more the better to place the case in a higher priority.
6. Follow up on the status using your CRN
7. Report on this blog from time to time to keep everyone posted until the justice is done.

Echo Yankee, over & out!

7 thoughts on “Question to all former ASA students who were the victims of criminal fraud”

  1. dude.., we had been to atwater PD. and the sheriff .. at merced.. they turned our request down saying its a civil matter. not a criminal matter so the PD cant do anything.. and that we need to hire an attorney to file a lawsuit in court.. rather than .. nothing can be done to file a complaint..

    is this enuff for this question. we did that also.. so please dont try to think that we dint do something. we did everythin possible..


  2. ravi hegde,
    Thank you for the reply.
    So let me understand this right, you guys went to Atwater PD and Merced County Sheriff’s Department and tried to file a criminal complaint in hope to put Prince and Reny behind bars and then turned down flat by being told it’s a civil matter. Is that it?

    Now the questions,
    Did you have any idea how the filing needs to be done before walking into their offices? …… thought so.

    Did you ask them why they think it’s not a criminal matter?…….though so.

    Did you ask them how to make a criminal report then? thought so.

    Did you do anything after that to find out further on how you could bring a criminal charge, or more or less giving up by doing nothing except hoping something to happen in the future? thought so too.

    I could see that outcome even long before you guys got to the PD and the sheriff’s dept. with such ignorance and unprepared approach.

    Allow me to make a flat statement here that asking a help to law enforcement agency in a white color crime is like throwing an anchor to a drawing man.

    It’s same with banks when you need a loan how bad and how desperately need it doesn’t play in the bank’s lending decision. When you really need an umbrella in rainy days, there’re no where to be found but when in good days and you are not needing anything, they come to lend you a parasol with an eager alacrity. Get the picture?

    You just have to learn how the system works and approach the task at hand in ways to get the job done, in other words to make sure there’s nothing left there standing to block your intended objective.

    Not blaming on anyone but here’s what didn’t go right IMHO,

    1. Walked into Atwater PD which has no jurisdiction over Castle Airport
    2. Walked into the sheriff’s dept without knowing how to get a crime report filed beforehand
    3. Engaged in extemporaneous verbal exchanges with the front desk clerk and gave him/her an opportunity to brush aside your case as a civil matter on the spot.
    4. Erroneously and vaguely understanding the crime report as a request instead of filing
    5. Not understanding a crime reporting is not a request but a unilateral filing action.
    6. Not understanding a properly prepared crime report must be accepted or the clerk will face a disciplinary action.
    7. Not knowing simply reporting and explaining verbally at the front desk unless you’re expert in criminal proceedings all would be brushed off aside and not taken seriously unless you’re reporting physical injury, violence, robbery and other heinous crimes in progress.
    8. Not seeking help from SABA or elsewhere before walking into the PD and sheriff’s dept.

    Once again, ignorance and wrong assumptions are all too often end up in a wrong result.

    No one can skip the process and steps necessary and then expect the judicial system to work for you. You can’t have both ways. You have to do your part right by following the established legal procedures step by step.

    There’ s nothing to stop you from try it again and if you do, do it right the next time, and press on.
    It’ll get done for sure.

    echo yankee, out!


  3. I am an ex-ASA student rather a victim as everyone says. About you telling us to file a lawsuit. I am writing this today on 9th Sept, 2008 and asking you, is it too late to file the crime complaint in the Atwater Police Dept.? Can I ask someone in the United States to file a crime complaint on my behalf in the Atwater Police Department?? as I am currently in India, if it is possible to file that complaint now..

    please reply without any delay so that i can do the honors without any delay ..

    thank you


  4. vxfreddy,

    Suggest you to go back and read the relevant posts I posted earlier including this one again.

    All answers and more have been already provided there.

    If your goals are:

    1. Recover the unused tuition lost
    2. Put Prince and Reny behind bars

    You should get together with other ex-students who have
    already filed a law suit, or some of their parents who have posted in this blog site before.

    Go track back their posts and try to contact them.

    BTW, it would be helpful if could tell us your case with ASA particularly how KFA played its role in your decision to sign up with ASA in the first place.

    echo yankee, over!


  5. so i believe after reading thru captain kishore’s post, you may believe in our words that we were turned down by the law enforcement agencies. we very well knew that castle airport comes under Sheriff dept. we had been to Atwater PD to get some info as to what could be done… i still cannot get it as to how did the PD turned it as civil case as we did report of being defrauded of millions in total… i could not get it .. the thinking, the attitude.. of those guys…


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