N1482M Cessna-172/A was flying this evening again.

My view from the sideline:

N1482M Cessna-172/A was flying this evening again. Is that you Prince? ……Didn’t think so.

(incidentally this is the only ASA aircraft that seems to be properly registered as Foreign Corporation on its registration certificate. For more details about the ASA aircraft registration, read my recent thread under the heading Splitting hairs on the ASA aircraft registration)

Dep. Hayward 18:26 PDT
ETA Lake Tahoe 18:51 PDT


This is just the tip of the iceberg as the FlightAware can only track IFR traffic. All the rest of the ASA VFR flights are not shown up in the tracking system.

All indication points to a strong possibility that Prince and Reny and some of the ASA remnants are operating out of Hayward Airport and elsewhere other than Castle by themselves directly or leasing planes to other flight schools under the table to make few more quick dollars for themselves on their way out to disappearance.

I am sure some of the ASA students still remaining in the US are quite aware of those flight activities taking place at numerous GA airport locations but so far they all seem taciturn about this and heasitant to come forward to share the information for common good.
Am I the only one begins to wonder why? ……Humm.

Echo Yankee, over & out!

One thought on “N1482M Cessna-172/A was flying this evening again.”

  1. Hello Everyone,

    N1482M is being used by my school, California Airways, out in Hayward. While I do not personally know the leasing details my owner has set up with Prince, I do know that the aircraft has been here for about a month for our schools use. It’s been flying the last few days, as it was checked out by a man named Allen (info pulled off our schedule at aircraftclubs.com).

    We are using it in conjunction with our G1000 sim so that our students are exposed to glass before airline interviews. The popularity of the G1000 sim is really high, and that is bleeding over into the popularity of 1482M (plus it’s priced at the same rate as a normal SP), and we are looking into getting a second G1000 equipped 172SP.

    I’ll either take it on Sunday or 738VU around to different flight schools to promote our G1000 sim. If you see it up on Sunday hop scotching around the bay area, chances are it’s me. 🙂


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