ASA Aircraft Movement Update

Does anyone recognize this airplane? Cessna 152/A N 757XY
It is registered to American School of Aviation.

Cessna 152
Cessna 152

Someone flew this plane from Modesto to Cloverdale yesterday, humm?
It took off Modesto at 11:09 AM and landed at Cloverdale (North of Santa Rosa) at 12:36 PM

For obvious reasons, Prince is not keeping his planes at Castle (KMER). Most of them are scattered around at different locations in and possibly out of California.

Perhaps anyone who has any information about the ASA aircraft or sighting of the same may come forward to post it here so this site could be a one-stop clearing house for all the ASA airplane movement.

For those students who have legal representation (lawyer), you might ask your lawyer to file a pre-judgement lien through the court on all ASA aircraft immediately with the FAA if not done so already while the case is pending, and impound the aircraft ASAP to prevent Prince from selling them off in pieces. (Avionics, engines, propeller, interiors, wings, fuselage, empennage, etc.)

Echo Yankee, over & out!

10 thoughts on “ASA Aircraft Movement Update”

  1. For those who missed my earlier post (7/25) about the list of ASA aircraft, here’s the excerpt:

    “ Now onto some substance:

    FAA’s aircraft registry still lists 30 aircraft currently registered under the name of American School of Aviation.

    Click on search by name and enter American School of Aviaiton in the box then click on go.

    My ball park market valuation is $1.3 to $1.7 million give or take for all 30 aircraft in aggregate.

    It’s too naïve to think however these aircraft physically still exist intact let alone unencumbered as they are most likely encumbered fully long since and they have little or no equitable value left in the eyes of competing creditors. Aircraft title search with FAA should reveal those information. “

    Ever heard the saying “Follow the money ( airplane in this case) if you want to find the bottom of the fraudulent scheme.

    My take is Prince has already taken out as much loans as he could from the bank or secondary source against all airplanes. He knows he can’t sell them without clear title but since he still has the possession, he’s going to get whatever he could at one last attempt before disappearing into sunset.

    Suppose your car is about to be repossessed and you know you can’t sell your car without a clear title, and since you still have the car and it has a nice audio equipment, GPS nav. system or whatever that can be sold easily on the internet or in flea market. You remove and walk out with them before it is repossessed leaving behind a cannibalized vehicle often left sat on wooden blocks for the repo man to pick up. Get the picture?

    Now do you really think Prince and Reny are going to hand over the airplane keys and walk out quietly in remorse? …..thought so.

    Echo Yankee, over & out!


    1. Dear EY,
      I have a question for you – that pic of the C-152/A (A is for aerobat, I think) does not have a tail number (FAA registration number which starts with N) indicating it is N757XY. The prefix is G. Which sounds more like Great Britain to me (and the wiki confirmed it too).
      Now my question is: WHY would you post a pic of a UK registered aircraft, and then confidently address it as N757XY, knowlingly, that any kiddo in aviation can see it, and if suffering (most likely, otherwise they wouldnt be reading this) ignore it, but the rest of the general population – politicians, law enforcement, journalists, etc. WILL for surely not even notice the small glitch. Ignorance is a bliss for sure.
      So, why would you do it? If you search on N757XY or something, I am sure you can find a real pic of it. And you know, Adobe photoshop is the king of deception when it comes to look like a rockstar when you are just a human waste (wasted human) trying to get that ONE applaude, and a kind eye. Why?


  2. Latest on 7XY:

    Someone was flying this plane again yesterday.
    It took off from Lemoore 18:42PDT for Los Banos with ETA 18:54 PDT with an ATA unknown .

    What’s going on here? Is that you Prince? Nah, I don’t think so, you and Reny must be too busy figuring out an escape route from this mess you both created.

    Everyone on the blog….keep your eyes and years open and look around your areas for the movement of ASA airplanes. Remember “Follow the money (airplane).” line?

    Echo Yankee, over & out!


  3. Moore recent movement:

    7/28/08 C-172 N1482M

    Dep. San Jose 17:20 PDT
    Arr. Hayward 17:33 PDT
    At least two more flights recorded on FlightAware data earlier this day.

    7/31/08 Beech Duchess N7774T

    Dep. Hayward 15:34PDT
    Arr. Turlock 16:02 PDT

    Me begins to think the remnants of ASA are flying those airplanes for some selected few of the ASA students (this explains somewhat in part why the students are divided in a fragmented groups) or some of the ASA planes are now leased to another school in Hayward or elsewhere and operated by them to provide much needed cash flow for the duo on the run. YOMV

    Echo Yankee, over & out!


    1. Well EY,
      I am here to play the blog now. You see it took me a while to bump into your blog (just came across it about 2 hours ago, while taking a break from running), but luckily for you, you’ve found me, and got my attention, and I am blog literate as of 2-3 weeks now. I prefer blogger on blogspot, but webpress is awriteas well. I can handle micros too. So, let’s open up this moderation thing, (of course not at the stake of your career, or more like future aspirations), and blog.


      1. so u r here.. u bugger . u call urself a prince ha.. .. as u said ignorance is a bliss yeah.. so true babay…. but dont worry.. we are here.. to just get the right of it.. try ur luck honey.. but am gonna get u.. sooner.. than u can even think to peep outta ur hideout to see who’s parked.. and gonna bust ur ass any moment.. u dont know…. u wanna play ha.. lets see.. how far can u get on this field..btws.. please dont spoil the brand ‘aviators’.. u gory ugly swine… guess ppl like u have been responsible for the flu world over.. banging into egyptian whores all time.. … bless thy soul.. as ur days are numbered sweety… run.. till the end of time.. do watever.. i ll catch u by ur fake balls… and but them in those whore’s cave down there.. hahahahhahahhahahhahha… run u piece of rotten meathead… run…….


  4. My view from the sideline:

    Splitting hairs on the ASA aircraft registration

    American School of Aviation, Inc. is a California corporation with its president and other corporate officer(s) are not U.S. citizen.

    Title 14 CFR Part 47 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) governs the requirement related to the civil aircraft registration in the US

    Part 47.3 stipulates Registration required.
    Part 47.5 defines Applicants.
    Part 47.7 defines U.S. citizens and resident aliens with respect to civil aircraft registration.
    Part 47.9 defines “Corporations not U.S. citizen”.
    Part 47.9(f) stipulates thrice annual report requirement by the registrant to the FAA.

    All ASA aircraft (30 in all) are currently registered under FAR Part 47.7 and issued aircraft registration certificate bearing “Corporation” instead of its true and factual status of its corporate entity as “Foreign Corporation”.
    In the FAA AC Form 8050-1 Aircraft Registration Application, there is a specific box to be checked off for Non-citizen Corporation and provided along with “Certification” section for the applicant’s certification for a non-citizen corporation. If these sections were properly completed in the ASA aircraft registration application, all of its registration then should have been issued under Part 47.9 with the respective registration certificate bearing ”Foreign corporation”

    If ASA has made erroneous entry in its aircraft registration application and submitted to the FAA Aircraft Registry knowingly or not knowingly and obtained its registration certificates, then all of the ASA aircraft are not registered under Part 47.9 and not in compliance with Part 47.9(f) requirement. This ipso facto invalidates all of its registrations under FAR 47.41(a) (8) (ii) and requires ASA to surrender all of its invalidated registration certificate in accordance with FAR 47.43 (b).

    All ASA aircraft are to be grounded immediately if its current registration is found to be invalid on the foregoing premise stated. Aircraft operation without having required documents on board, aircraft registration certificate is one of among them is a Federal code violation subject to FAA enforcement action including an imposition of a civil penalty for each and every violations committed. If you fly twice with an invalid registration, that’s two counts of violation and the flight log and pilot’s logbook to show that for the record easily later on. If any of the ASA students are still flying the ASA airplane, you should think twice before stepping into the plane next time.

    Well, it sure beats me why this fundamental infraction of the FAR evaded the FAA inspector’s repeated scrutiny for so long. I guess sometimes things can be seen better when you step back a little and observe them from distance. The old saying “. Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees.” rings so true here.

    I could see things pretty well from where I stand in the sideline.
    Till next time,

    Echo Yankee, over & out!


  5. My view from the sideline:

    N1482M Cessna-172/A was flying this evening again.
    Is that you Prince? ……Didn’t think so.

    (incidentally this is the only ASA aircraft that seems to be properly registered as Foreign Corporation on its registration certificate. For more details about the ASA aircraft registration, read my recent thread under the heading Splitting hairs on the ASA aircraft registration)

    Dep. Hayward 18:26 PDT
    ETA Lake Tahoe 18:51 PDT

    This is just the tip of the iceberg as the FlightAware can only track IFR traffic. All the rest of the ASA VFR flights are not shown up in the tracking system.

    All indication points to a strong possibility that Prince and Reny and some of the ASA remnants are operating out of Hayward Airport and elsewhere other than Castle by themselves directly or leasing planes to other flight schools under the table to make few more quick dollars for themselves on their way out to disappearance.

    I am sure some of the ASA students still remaining in the US are quite aware of those flight activities taking place at numerous GA airport locations but so far they all seem taciturn about this and heasitant to come forward to share the information for common good.
    Am I the only one begins to wonder why? ……Humm.

    Echo Yankee, over & out!


  6. -My view from the sideline-

    Most recent ASA flight activities appearing on the FlightAware Tracking System

    Cessna 172/A N1482M
    Dep. Hayward 20:51 PDT
    Arr. Chico Unknown

    Cessna 152/A N 757XY
    Dep. Modesto 12:56 PDT
    Arr. Redding Unknown

    BE76 Duchess N7774T
    Dep. Hayward 18:11 PDT
    Arr. Modesto 18:35 PDT

    As suspected by one of the Ex-ASA students who posted earlier, all indications are now clearly pointing to the high probability that the remnants of ASA made up of few former ASA CFIs and a group of students hand picked by Prince and Reny have been flying out of Hayward and Modesto and elsewhere.

    The two of the above aircraft (N757XY and N7774T) are among the 19 aircraft that changed hands recently.

    Apparently sale/lease back or sale/payment by use type arrangement is allowing them to keep possession of some of the aircraft sold and continue to use them for those clandestine training flights.

    echo yankee, over & out!


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