America’s very own Bunty & Babli planning an escape to Egypt?

Today I came to know that Prince and Reny have ran to Egypt,I don’t know whether this is true or not . And their house in Atwater is now in fore closure.

America's very own Bunty & Babli escaped to Egypt?
America's very own Bunty & Babli escaped to Egypt?

Well guys don’t worry, Singh and Reny will surely pay for what they have done. Though they have 4.4. Million Dollars but they will never have Peace and Happiness in their life, which we all have or will surely have. As before I have written , though we lost our money but our truth is with us, our God is with us.
Cheating and looting people is in Singh’s blood, but we all know that the wealth earned by cheating someone never last for long, and plus God is always watching everything.
Singh and Reny will surely end up behind bars , but that is not enough,because he will also be punished by GOD and that will be worse for him.

Well keep fighting for justice and never give up because God is with us , though it will take time but at last truth triumphs.

Navdeep, So you say……. “Any updates on this? Is he fixed now?”

His school is SHUT DOWN , His American School Of Aviation has become the biggest SCAM in Aviation Industry , He has become NOTORIOUS ,his family has become NOTORIOUS too, his bad deeds in India and also here have been revealed to the world , there are Records in the Police Station and in DA’s office , His house is in Fore Closure , The victim’s are cursing him , whatever he was doing from 1995 or maybe before that has now come to an end and so on.
If you really love your parents and believe in GOD then you must be knowing the meaning of BLESSINGS and CURSING. Do you know what do we achieve after someone gives us Blessing or someone CURSES us for we doing something wrong ? If yes , then you must know what will Singh and Reny get in return for what they have done.

Do you think this is not at least the START of really “FIXING” him. Hundreds of families have been saved , so what else do you want?
Instead of sitting on ass and letting him loot us and also loot others, we struggled hard to STOP him from doing that.

Do you know Lord Ram , Lord Krishna , Jesus Christ? Have you heard about them.
Well let me tell you , in today’s world people call them as GOD , and you know the history , they had to suffer too. Yes you read it right, they suffered too, they fought for TRUTH and JUSTICE , and now we call them as GOD. If anyone is born or died , its all done by god. God is really watching everything.

So what if we lost our $17,000/ , but at least we didn’t bend our knees and kept quite, but instead we fought , so that Singh should be punished for what he has done.
Well, if God has struggled then who are we???
One day you will get the Update that ” Prince and Reny are finished” … and when I will let you know for sure.

I totally agree with Pilot747 , you are Prince or Reny using other names because you have no identity now.

Prince and Reny , one day will come in your life that you will cry for one drop of water and that time people , forget about people even animals will feel ashamed to pee in your mouth.
You will end up very soon……very very soon.


Author: Paramjit Gandhi

A former art critic, Paramjit now builds the custom Apps that create the Tabs that make Custom Facebook Pages special from his small Bangkok studio. He also builds WordPress Blogs. He's an avid cricket fan, rides an old Volvo (1991), loves Google+ and can tolerates twitter up to some extent.

4 thoughts on “America’s very own Bunty & Babli planning an escape to Egypt?”

  1. Singh and Reny are in Atwater only. Trying to sell some of their planes.
    cessna 152 for $24,600/- .

    Can’t believe they are still busy in gathering some money from where ever they can.



  2. Bhavana,
    While many of your ASA colleagues and concerned parties that include myself are likely to be looking forward to your next spirited comment, perhaps you could tell us what you know about the role of KFA played in the ASA student recruiting effort in India.

    Was your decision to sign up with ASA influenced by then ASA’s ties to KFA on a small or large part?

    Did you or anyone who signs up with ASA receive some kind of written communication from KFA ?

    Still trying to piece together to get a whole picture.

    Thank you in advance.

    echo yankee, over↗


  3. hmm.. hey.. i got the latest news of singh and kozman staying in atwater…. in the other housing..that was rented…. some students are still flying with him.. jim.. the instructor, is working for him…
    also.,,, stuff is that.. they are flying in planes that ASA owned but were sold later to other parties.. that are registered in other states, but the planes fly to and fro castle airport..
    something fishy there… guess… something can be done on this.. atleast to get the planes down…


  4. Hi Guys

    Thank you for putting up your experience.I am of the opinion that most of the flying schools are scams and an awareness should be created among interested individuals. I am in a similiar predicament as you guys.I joined a flying school in Arizona in June and had to withdraw from the school in November as the training was deficient.Inspite of having a signed contract I havent recieved the balance back.i. e$23000 which I was to recieve on 1 Jan 2009.The school I was training in aint bankrupt as yet.

    However I am determined to get my deposit back.I would really appreciate if somebody could give me inputs as to how to go about it….


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