Story from the other side (part II). Reny Kozman responds to widespread criticism

At least we do not deserve to be stoned all the way. Our main goal was the quality of training, we may have made our mistakes along the way, but we are also humans with a limited capacity… and ASA was a business, a successful business for 6 years in a row. but if the US and countries governments still can’t solve the fuel problems, why did people think we can? Consider this, Six months ago, we went to all the students saying you have to pay an additional $6,000 to $8,000 more for your training, what would have been the response? i personally went to UAE, China to get more profitable business so your families does not have to come up with the additional funds.

I am surprised, that Sasha Puri, Vikram Pawar, Suraj Chopra and Ameya Kameth did not mention to any one, that they paid their tuition in Gurgaon and that ASA in California never got a penny out of it?!! Specially that 3 of them already graduated, now was ASA out to Scam student? How about each one who paid the $2,000 deposit in Gurgaon? And the US never got a penny of it, but all of you got the credit on your account?

Now every one is going after the management, fine, put your self in Prince’s shoes and he admits he is an AW!!

On New Year’s Day, Juana opens up the school and is feeding the fish in the tank; guess what she found in there?

On a weekend evening, a drunken student pulls the fire alarm (Accidently!!) who had to leave the house to baby sit the reset of the students?

Students playing cricket in the parking lot, using the school’s furniture as goals..
For God Sake, we had to teach students to take a shower before showing up for class!!

Add to that, dealing with the FAA, Mechanics, India, lawyers, accountants, airport management for every little thing that students do!!

Parents, how do I tell a father, that your son is drinking every night and I have an arrest warrant for him? How do I tell your parents, your son is not showing up for lessons because the schedule is too early?! How do we tell them, your son is too busy with the bank teller and does not have time to study?!! Etc…

Here is what happened,
April last year 2007, Gurgaon was shut down costing a lot of money
July, was the last KFA interview
November, KFA staff came to visit to expand the relationship, instead, students complained about the housing and God knows what else, so they did not give a damn and cancelled the tie up!!
Still in November, 17 Students panicked and left the school creating more negative publicity.

Here is a quick lesson in business, if your current customers are pushing your new customers away for whatever reason, you run out of money and eventually your business runs out!!

ASA lost the market in India, even though, over 200 students graduated form there, all of the sudden, every one forgot that fact!!
November, I go to UAE to get some business, I got one student
March I got to China to get some business, it takes time
April I go to Egypt to get some business, we got 3 .

All of that and the FAA is on our tail to shut us down, in 2007, we had 109 inspections, and my question to them, if we were so bad, why did not you shut us down?!! And if we were not so bad, why did you inspect us 109 times?
I still do not have an answer to that, the FAA alone, costed 20% of Prince’s work week just to entertain them!! Why is it, that none of the students asked them that question?

I am sorry the management had to be strict as we did not have time to baby sit adults who were suppose to be in the air lines in a matter of months, I hope your future captains will make sure to tuck you in your seat before you fly!! Our main goal was to make you a pilot because we truly believed that one day thought out your career, the only thing that will save your life is your training, and that was our priority number 1.

They took our airplanes, cars and our house is about to be taken, but no one can take this from us
Our safety record is 100%, 98% of our graduates are successfully employed and satisfied with the training.

Author: Paramjit Gandhi

A former art critic, Paramjit now builds the custom Apps that create the Tabs that make Custom Facebook Pages special from his small Bangkok studio. He also builds WordPress Blogs. He's an avid cricket fan, rides an old Volvo (1991), loves Google+ and can tolerates twitter up to some extent.

9 thoughts on “Story from the other side (part II). Reny Kozman responds to widespread criticism”

  1. respected reny madam,

    i read your post or reply and was not suprised to learn from your comments in which once again you have blamed 18 t0 24 yr old students and there activities for down fall of asa. why is that all the other school majority of them have still deliverd the training which they promised there students and asa has failed ? why inspite takeing full fees in advance and not giveing any lessons to new students there full fees has disappeared ? you did not even provide training and send all the fees and funds ? if as u claim kingfisher broke the contract in november . why did students in march ,april and may 08 students still have kingfisher recomendation clause in there admission letters? why where students in feb , march and april told that unless u pay full fees in advance you cant start your training ? during the last meeting at night respected prince sir all the students where ready to pay 5000 $ more to help the school which was enough money to restart the school . but again one more false promise was made to already fooled student who where un aware about asa intensions . truth is always truth . no matter what explanation you give it comes out to be utter excuse to get away with your shameless crime . and by posting comments from one computer by useing other people name and fake identity will not change the truth i know u have all the resourses and conncetions but madam people are comeing in front to help students . schools reputation was spoiled by the school itself .the action which the school took in provideing , misplaning students training . the management must get credit to destroy 100 families , pilot career . i am sure we will get justic


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  4. tell me how does this explain the following questions:
    1. u take my money in may 08 . and say that u dont have it in june 08.. wherein i have not had any second of a flight.. except for a kit, and some tsa paperwork?

    2. that u take money from a student while the school is closed.[rahul and arun of my batch guys], and not returning it.

    3. that u keep a girl, ann, in hostile conditions in ur home for some days, not let her meet anyone, tell her school is closed for summer vacations, take her money also..

    4. that u say, i dont have ur money and thats the way how business is done..
    welcome to america, welcome to real world.

    5. that u say, I DONT HAVE UR MONEY.. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN.. that i dint give u money to spend on ur camel smokes and beer but for my education.

    6. that our parents suffering health problems by hearing to all this.

    7. that u not returning our money has jeopardised our careers, our loans that are on mortgaged property, that we have to repay the loan by some other source.. but not utilise it for purpose it was taken for,

    8. that we stand to lose our houses and come on streets… and u and ur partner enjoy a life on some1 elses hard earned lifetime money and smoke and drink…

    if u have legitimate answers to this.. plse open up..


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