This is all about ‘Getting your license in eight months’ game in the end.

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American School of Aviation Scam is becoming some sort of wargame between current students who are stranded in US and those who already completed their ‘remarkable pilot training’ in record time.

One of the ex-student pleaded other passed-out students of ASA  to demonstrate their collective strength on one of the Orkut communities and comments from ex-students are now pouring-in with all the praises about their instructors and quality of training in ASA. Their frustration is quite visible from their writings, the abusive language used in their comments is one of the biggest proofs of their frustration. Some of them are briefing about the technical aspect of ‘training time’ and ‘over logging’. Some of them cannot hide their fear of being tagged as ‘pilot from that scammed college’. It is very unfortunate that most of the ex-students of ASA are using the word ‘losers’ for the students which are stranded here in US. Just because the school was not closed down during their term doesn’t make them winners at all. This blog is trying to give a useful platform to more than 100 Indian and foreign students who were cheated, used and thrown on the streets by the management and owners of this school. We are not interested in starting a forum or so to discuss the training time or over logging kind of technical issues here. I don’t care and I don’t want to know how to get your commercial pilot license in eight months. I’m just concerned about the well-being of the students who are suffering.

It is for the world to decide that what kind of training you people may have got from such school which is being run by the crooks.

PS: If you can offer some help to the suffering students than come forward or please stay away, we don’t need to know about your flying capabilities. May god save everyone from such ‘pilots’.

Author: Paramjit Gandhi

A former art critic, Paramjit now builds the custom Apps that create the Tabs that make Custom Facebook Pages special from his small Bangkok studio. He also builds WordPress Blogs. He's an avid cricket fan, rides an old Volvo (1991), loves Google+ and can tolerates twitter up to some extent.

10 thoughts on “This is all about ‘Getting your license in eight months’ game in the end.”

  1. Hi,
    Getting the licence in 8 – 10 months is estimated by the schools. Some Schools offer the training and say that you will be a Pilot in 6 – 7 months. But guys, even though you get your license in 8 months that doesn’t mean that you alone can now fly a plane. NO? Not at all. Even after getting your commercial license you still have to work or fly with an ATP. You can work only as a Co-Pilot. A good and knowledgeable pilot is known not by how many months or years he took to complete his training but by how many hours of flying experience does he have? Flying experience means SOLO Flying…..not with an Instructor.
    When I first visited ASA with my family , that time Reny Kozman and Mr.Singh told me that ” Bhavana once you finish your Commercial, you can join our School and work with us as an Instructor”. At that time we were really shocked because my commercial training will only be of 200 or 250 hours of flying experience and plus that 200 hours will not be my SOLO flying…..because out of 200 hours I must have gone flying with Instructors , so guys from atleast this we can surely say that If a owner is hiring his student who has done 200 hours of flying as an Instructor then what kind of training that Instructor must be giving to the students.
    I know that in ASA there were some good and experienced Intructors but not each and every one of them was Qualified.
    Don’t be under the impression that after flying a Cessna for 200 hours ( with the help of Intructor) it will be easy for you to work as an Airline Pilot, because even though you get a Job in any Airline, they still interview you, and also train you and after that your first job will be as a Co-Pilot.
    Some students of ASA were saying that when you go for a Job interview they don’t ask the name of the school where you completed your training? This was said by one ASA student name Amrit.
    Now you tell me is it TRUE that no Airlines ask us in our interview that “where did I do my Pilot training?”.
    In my case I don’t beleive this. Please leave your comments on this too.

    I know some students of ASA must have got training under qualified Instructors and some must have not. But when I attented one meeting in ASA that time Mr.Singh was saying that ” If any student wants to see me then come near the smoking area because every half an hour I am found there”…….now what does this mean? If every half an hour he is near smoking area then when does he Fly? when does he train the students? Because though he was the Owner but still he use to call himself as a Chief Flight Instructor. So when was this Chief Flight Instructor seen Flying?

    I have more to write…..maybe later.

    Thank you!


  2. @Bhavana

    Firstly,it is painfully obvious you know NOTHING about CFI training or commercial training or airline standards.Secondly,do you know people work as instructors in the US immediately after their commercial training to gain valuable experience?Thats what a COMMERCIAL license is all about.You have to be really,REALLY good to pass the commercial checkride.Third,the situation has changed now in India but a few years ago,anyone with a commercial license was immediately hired by airlines.So please make sure you know what you are talking about before you start incessant discussions.I am probably the angriest of the lot of students who were screwed over by the school.But I am not rambling away like an ignoramus.Kindly stick to the topic and get your facts clear


  3. Gautam,
    Did you properly read what I meant to say?
    And one IMPORTANT THING….don’t try to show your attitude to me ok. If you all would have shown this ATTITUDE to your RESPECTED Prince sir , then I think today you would have not been on the street left without a school. When Prince use to cancel your flights , then did you ( I mean not only just you but all 110 students) ever go and ask him why is that happening or you just remain saying “Respected Prince Sir” ? Because I know he use to cancel flying at the last moment either at the pretext of bad weather or Instructor not available or fault in planes.
    I know that after a commercial license we can work as an
    Instructor. But do you think in ASA you get such a wonderful training that you your self have the confidence that you can train other students?
    Listen, I very well know that many students had the complaint that their flight use to always get cancelled, plus whenever there was a technical problem in the plane , the students use to solve that?
    Do you have the qualification to solve TECHNICAL problems in an AirCraft?
    I know Prince use to hire the students and pay them 6 $ per hour and since some students needed money they use to work under the table in this COUNTRY which is ILLEGAL.
    Now tell me , After how many hours of SOLO do you think you can teach another student to fly?
    Out of 200 Hours , how many hours did you fly without an Instructor and if flying is so easy and teaching flying is more easier than that then did you fly only 30 hours with an Instructor? Tell me in how many Hours did you get your SOLO?
    Some of them can only sit in the plane and fly it, but do they really have all the knowledge of the Aircraft? If anything goes wrong in the SKY , can they handle that problem very easily? I know some students of ASA who were flying and wanted to land in Merced Airport they were talking to Atwater Tower? Is this what they are going to teach to the other students after becoming an Instructor?
    I am not pointing at any 1 student , whatever I see and I hear , I am talking about that. Maybe out of 110 students there would have been 10 very knowledgeable students , Gautam , Do you take the guarantee that all 110 students are very Knowledgeable and well Qualified?

    You also say that some people comment about ASA students without knowing them or without being a part of ASA…..then let me ask you something?
    How much do you know about Taj Mahal which is one of the 7 wonders of world?
    If you know something then tell me , were you present at the time when Shah Jahan was building the Taj Mahal or were you the Part of the workers who Built it?

    You say FLYING is EASY…Ok I agree FLYING must be easy, even if you ask a MONKEY to Sit in a cockpit…he will fly the PLANE but can that MONKEY handle the Instrument Part and Technical Problems in the plane?????

    Were you present at the meeting held on 26th June, I asked him a straight and simple question and he used “F” word? What character does it reflects? He used that “F” word to me but as the students of ASA what action did you all took?
    You are from India , and you know what Indian Culture is. I would have been happy atleast if one of you would have come forward and protest against this disgusting and insulting behaviour of Mr.Singh. Forget about coming forward to protect me but instead the students assaulted us and abused us verbally and said they feel like killing us. I very well remember who said that and who assaulted us. Do you remember that?

    Prince and Reny have robbed 100 + students , by saying that the expenses have gone up but they cannot give the account and the supporting evidence like bills as where and how they suffered loss. I know they did not pay the fuel bill , they did not pay the county bill , the water bill, even the electricity bill , they did not carry proper insurance , they did all the repair and maintenance by students , they bought all cheap spare parts for maintenance of planes. So where did they spent and how much ? Ofcourse they paid themselves a very huge salary and lived high on our (students) money. We don’t have any personal enemy with you or the ASA but we are raising these issues and fighting against it because crooks are to be punished and not to be supported as some of the students are doing. You must be knowing very well who are these students.


  4. Where is my reply which I posted for “Gautam”….can you please send the copy on my email address.
    Thank you


  5. @Bhavana,

    You are rambling.Please use the internet to check how an instructor is given his license and what standards are required.You obviously have NO idea about ANYTHING.And where did the Taj Mahal come in the picture.I would suggest you discontinue any form of medication you are currently taking.


  6. Gautam , Its useless talking to you or even responding to you.
    I had asked you few legible questions, and instead of answering them you are raising other stupid issues which doesn’t make any sense. What do you know about medicine ? We have many Doctors and nurses in our family.
    By the way this is my LAST reply to you because I don’t deal with IDIOTS. There is a saying “where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise”.

    To All other readers, what do you think…..whatever comments I made, did I point out to any particular person or did I point out to everyone in ASA….I just said “some”. Guys, gautam is saying where did Taj Mahal come in picture…..I think this guy doesn’t know what is the meaning of “example”.

    Second city…what do you think about my comments and comments coming from some idiot students.
    You remember in my first email to you I had written about the 26th June , meeting and about Mr.Singh’s stooges …..I hope by now you must have come to know…who the stooges are?
    I appreciate that you have opened this website, so that each one gets an opportunity to express their views. Earlier, only I knew but now because of your website the whole world knows who the stooges are!
    As Capt. Kishore has written about the students having different groups and not united , so from this it shows that only certain groups were benefited from Mr.Singh and that is why even after he threw all the students on the street they are still goody goody with Singh. I remember some students on my questioning to them about why they don’t let the new students know what is going on in the school and how this Singh and Reny are deceiving students on that almost all of them whomever I talked said that Reny and Singh told us that If you want to continue your training you must help me get at least 5 NEW students every month so that I can continue your training. So people like gautam talk good about ASA and get their training completed. They are least bothered that they are harming other students and their families.


  7. Remember in my July 8th comment I had written that one student of ASA was landing at Merced Airport and talking to Atwater Tower…..!
    Do you all want to know who was that Intelligent Student of ASA…..and that’s Mr…………………Gautam Mahajan.

    Well I guess that is why he is not replying point to point for my comments instead he is raising some stupid issues and just arguing.

    Be aware of such pilots….GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.


  8. That reminds me of the times when I used to fly with Prince in san Jose in 1996 and we were doing our cross country time building after PPL. Prince was bad in English and used to ask me every few minutes, “Apni position ke aaa” , “apna altitude ke aaa” (what is our position, and what is our altitude). I also heard of an incident that he was flying in punjab for his PPL and reported to ATC “Lost overflying Batala (town)”. We used to make a lot of fun of his knowledge of English and flying skills, and wondered how he got his PPL. It is amazing he turned out to be quite a SIR (atleast for sometime). BTW all the logging including done by Prince is illegal as both pilots logged those VFR cross countries to save money.


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