A mail from American School of Aviation student.

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I am Bhavana Naik. On 26th June, 08 there was an open meeting at the Barracks of American school of aviation , and so me and my sister who had paid $17,000/- to ASA had gone to attained the meeting. Singh was talking to the students that FAA had called him and asking him “sir when and where are you opening your next school,so that we can issue the license”…..this is all fake. He is trying to fool the students. Because FAA does not talk to anyone on phone and they don’t keep calling anyone. Later he said to the students that “who told you that my planes are grounded,stop spreading out rumors.”………what does this Singh think that whatever the media says is all fake and if the planes are not grounded then why is school closed?……I asked Singh. “where is my $17,000/-, give me the accounts”?. on this he said “*#***#**”…….and later he asked his stooges (students) to push us and assault us and throw us out of the meeting. the students pushed us physically and used bad language with us. Later we called the Sherriff and lodged a complaint against Singh, his wife Reny and the students who assaulted us physically.
I just want the world to know that how this Singh is and plus about the students, because the world feels sad for the students but yet there are some idiots who don’t deserve a pity but they deserve a good punishment for being the stooges of Mr.Singh.
I need help whether how can we FIX , Mr.Singh. He is now trying to open another Aviation school in Sacramento, we are trying our level best to stop that. Please suggest me as how can he go behind bars. If anyone knows more about him please come forward so that we can save the world from such CROOKS.

Please feel free to send your comments on this post & help the suffering students of American School of Aviation.


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  1. I want to help the students in getting Prince behind bars, for the theft and fraud he has committed against his own coutrymen (even though he applied for political asylum in 1996 fearing porsecution in India)

  2. The worst part of the whole thing is that some of the students who are still there cling to the hope that Prince is going to open the new school. I work at a flight school in Hayward, CA, and I’ve talked with a few students who are looking to transfer out of ASA, but still believe that they can wait for the new school to open. Aviation is avery tight knit community, and to be scammed like this (and in Silver State Helicopters recently too) is just sad, and paints a terrible picture of what aviation is like in the US. Training should be a simple prospect; you pay for the service, and school makes it happen with no issues.
    We have room for some more students, so if anyone needs help finishing their CPL’s, give California Airways a call, and we’ll help you out. Someone has to help sort out this mess Prince made…

  3. Please Put This Story on the website because the earlier one had some spelling mistakes and so I corrected that.

    Bhakti & Bhavana Naik

    My name is Bhakti Naik. I and my sister Bhavana paid $17,00/- to the American School Of Aviation in March ,08. In just four days I asked for refund because I came to know that the school has only 6 – 8 planes, has no enough instructors and plus the students don’t get to fly much. I asked for my refund in just 4 days after I got enrolled and since then till date I did not received my refund due. I thought of going to the small claims court, but there the announcer told me that Manpreet Singh already has 4 – 5 cases pending in the court. I talked to one student name Shailender Kapoor and he told me that he got the judgment but did not get the money back. I thought over it and then decided not to go to small claim court as Iwill also sail inthe same boat as the other 4 – 5 students. I have emails from ASA promising me to refund my money back, but still they have not done that. I came to know in March 08 that Prince is a CROOK , since then I and my family started writting to all the authorities for help, which includes the FAA, Sheriffs Department, the Merced Police, The Congress Men’s office, Merced County, Atwater County, and the Assembly Member’s office and so on. Since March 08, we have been struggling hard to fix this crook. At the end March 08, I and my sister talked to the Merced Sun Star’s reporter and told him about all this. Even he started investigating. We have been trying hard and with the help of my familyand by the grace of God , now the whole world has come to know about ASA and Mr. Singh and his so called wife Reny Kozman. Since March , we used to visit the students of ASA and asked their help and tried to save them from this Crook but at that time no one supported us. But still we didn’t get affraid or never back up and kept fighting against Singh and now we are happy that its worth all our efforts !
    Thanks to FAA and the county for their help.
    We are also thankful to Scott Jason of Merced Sun Star for helping us and for publishing the news regarding Singh and his school which alerted the students of ASA. Out of 100 there are still some students who are the stooges of Singh and I am afraid that they are future Singh and Reny.
    But because of gods blessing now the whole world has come to know about these crooks. We have heard that Manpreet Singh is staying illegally in this Country, he had come to US in 1995 on a student visa and ended up staying here. We are still working hard and will keep working hard till we see Singh and Reny behind the Bars.
    If anyone has any more information please do let us know. It is time we come together.
    Thank you.

  4. Bhavana, and anyone else affected by the closure of ASA — please contact me at India-West newspaper for a series of articles we are doing about the ASA.
    My phone number is 510-383-1146 and email lisa@indiawest.com.
    Thank you
    Lisa Tsering, reporter, India-West

  5. Mr.Aman Singh,
    I really need your help. How can you help us to get Manpreet Singh behind bars. Do you know anything more about he cheating anyone or any crime he has done. I will appreciate if you please help us. Thank you

  6. I think this is the same guy (Prince) who did his flight training at my flight school, Wings Over California, San Jose in 1995. He had come from India on our 1-yr student visa, and ended up overstaying it, and is probably staying illegal in the US. I had also heard that he used to work at a liquor store without INS permission. He had cheated our school of $4000 which couldn’t be proved. I don’t think this guy has much of a respect for rules and laws of this country.

  7. hello there. it makes me feel good that there is so much concern about the whole issue in the international community. however we would like to inform you about the conditions of about 20 students who are in atwater right now.. we are living in very sorry state and are helping each other to get things working. but we need lot of help here. many students have left to other schools to finish their training. many have left or are still leaving for home. but then we 20 have nothing much. if someone from somewhere could fund our training in some other school, which we will pay back as we get jobs, will be the biggest favour to all of us. anyone who would like to fund for the legal matters is also welcome. any help in any way is always welcome and appreciated by us..thanks.
    ravi hegde.
    209 230 8922

  8. These students in ASA are not worthy of any help.The situation in which they are now are because of their selfishness. They knew that Manpreet Singh is robbing students and they were supporting him by not telling the new students that this school ( ASA) is a scam to rob more and more students. Manpreet Singh used many of these students to run the school illegally because Singh promised them that he will complete the training of these few students who were helping him by robbing other students. They kept supporting him even till the day they were thrown out and even uptill this date. They are still supporting him in a hope that Manpreet Singh will complete their training and so they do not wish to do anything legally against him. Even though they say that they are in a very bad condition but if you go to their apartments or their rooms you will see them watching movies, playing cricket and drinking beer.In short enjoying life till their visa expires. You ask them before helping them as what are they going to do legally or what is their next step…and then decide wether they are genuine students , worth of any help and also trust worthy. Ofcourse there are veryy veryyy veryyyyyyyy few students who are genuine , focused, came from poor family by taking loans and are in real trouble. So I request you to make proper investigation and research as whom to help. Our each and every penny is precious and so each one of us who are willing to help should make sure that the money goes in the right hand and not in the hands of wrong people who still support the CROOK , because staying under the training of Mr.Singh they might have learn to rob too.

  9. @Priti..

    What do you know about ASA students?I agree that some of them used to just relax and not think about flying.But there were very,VERY few of them.Please dont insult the students by making false allegations.And a lot of students are here on loans and are suffering.I dont even know what you meant by saying he had students stealing with him.That was just nonsense.Secondly,Ravi Hedge had just joined the school in May.So please think carefully before you point fingers at anyone without knowing who they are.And we request people not to make a media circus of our condition.

  10. ASA told students what they wanted to hear. They went there knowing how bad the school is. Most students think becoming a pilot is too easy and party most nights. I will be afraid to fly with any one of these pilots who learn in 8-12 months and help the aviation safety in India. Most Indian students want their licence in a short cut manner and many falsify logbook entries. I agree with Priti that careful thought must be given before giving any money.

  11. how can we help????? please email me and i would like to visit all the students. How can I hold a meeting with all the students???

  12. Gautam Mahajan **$$##@@** Reny’s left **###@@**
    stop **&&$$##* on Manpreet Singh’s little **##@@**
    people like you deserve to get **&&$$##** by PRINCE and KOZMAN

  13. hi
    i am Prasad Manne .i joined ASA(American School Of Aviation) in december 2007 by paying a ttution fee of 38000$ ,later by the end of april 2008 i flew only for 10 hrs in 5 months i then understood whats happening and left the school and i still have a balance of33000$(approx.)with the school ,later when i mailed my refund letter the only reply i got from erny kozman is ‘lets meet in the court’
    lets fight together and get Manpreet Singh behind bars and try get our money back .crooks and cheats like this should not live in this world along with us they have another place to live in called the jail
    prasad manne
    call me for any details and help
    408 476 4516

  14. this is for u guyz…just general info abt prince singh.

    he is not reny’s husband…infact they r not married…so shez not his wife.

    secondly..he is not a citizen of US but he still holds an indian passport.

    his parenas live in amritsar, punjab..i went to them all the way from chennai to get my $15000 but his parents r helpless as well

  15. I have some gr8t news.. my father went to the bank that we took loan from against our property and the manger says if the Indian consulate would give letter stating the school is shut down ,the bank can remove all the loan or some of it..because the banks have some insurance against this case.. i think this is better than waiting for a law suit that will take at least 1 year to get anything ..and this is free…

  16. I suggest that if you donot have funds to pay an attorney to file FRAUD charges against PRINCE & ERENY, you should all go to the court on the date and time of the hearing when Prince and Reny file for bankrutcy, and tell the judge about the fraud he has committed, and that way the judge will not approve his application and can file charges for fraud. You can also write to the county judge.

  17. @Priti…
    The students at ASA never told the recent students to join the school even when it was in a bad condition..i myself have actually told a lot of students not to come int o the school because of the state it was in..but in the end it is the students decision after all..there is nothing much u can do..So before u start splashing nonsense on the website about all the ASA students i suggest u meet up with some of them and see for yourself what kind of trouble we have gone through..And only the students would actually know what is really going on…They have enough problems in their life as it is..they dont need you to add to them..they are you asking for help…i agree with gautam when he says that there were a few students who used to play up but then again that happens all over the world in all fields..

  18. vinil &priti let me tell u both if u guy’s dnt knw please a senciour request to you guy’s dnt spoil the student’s future buy spreding wrong information about the school .i and rest of us dont have in felings left for school, prince, reny but we care about our future.because of your wrong information all the good students will suffer if DGCA say’s tht asa is blacklisted who ever has his license will also lose every thing .Till date it has been 14 months for me in this school and i have never seen an one who are loging fake hr’s.If u cant help stop creating problems for the students .u guy’s have ntng to take from the school or students. If u guy’s want to help students 1st thing i would to say you is stop insulting the students for their acctual hard work.i have been in lot of problems because of this school and the managment ,there is no way we are going to take the managment and the school side but all the ASA X-Students have to backup each other in this bad time of life .people like you are acctutally making it hadr for us to survive .Some on said Gautam as leftside of reny ,let me tell u one thing he was in those students who ver acctutally in very bad situtation because of the managment in which most of the maharashtra students ver b’coz Prince Singh did nt like people from Maharashtra.So those who dont want to help the students please dont post here and a request to the managment of this particular site please dont publish such fake information which are going to create problems in our future aviation life.Aviation is a very small industry and i have been in this industry for more than 2 1/2yrs nw i know how fast does this type of small & false information spreads all over specially in INDIA.A request to those who do not want to help please dnt create problems to us, we allready have enough problems in our life to b taken care of.

  19. @ Deepa and Rohan,
    Instead of arguing with us better shake your ass and do something against your beloved and respected Prince Sir. If we are not wrong then Ms.Deepa you are said to be one of the CHAMCHI ( Stooges) of Mr.Singh and Reny.
    Guys, we don’t talk rubbish without knowing the truth ok !
    It is not that we don’t know anything about ASA and ASA students, we know many many stories about you guys. Instead of shutting our mouth go and screw that singh and his so called wife……or are you guys still licking their ass ?
    If you say you are there from 14 months then till now what have you done against Prince who cheated everybody and was cheating the future students ? Did you take any action against him or were you guys only thinking about just completing your training and then go back home and let prince continue whatever he was doing.
    You all are SELFISH. If not then did you lodge a complaint against Prince in any Police Station or were you waiting for some one with GUTS to do so.
    Anyway,that is what happened , out of 100 only 1 stood up FIRST and took proper action against these CROOKS. We just don’t use this website only to write something, we also read everything.
    We know who are the true students and who are the followers of Singh.
    No matter what but remember truth always comes out.

    Take care


  20. you are asking the management of this site not to publish FAKE information……well what proof do you have that your information is not FAKE?
    You all could never stop the CROOKS like Prince and Reny from cheating people….so do you think your efforts will stop people like us from publishing the TRUTH ?

    Take care.

  21. Hey Guys,

    Your arguments above remind me of the stories we read about divided India during the British Raj. Rather than getting united and kicking the goras ass, the Indians kept fighting with eachother for petty gains, while the Queen gathered all of India’s wealth and went back. We need to learn from our past, and get together for a common cause, and kick the ass of these CROOKS Prince and Reny, so that everyone in aviation remembers what happened to the CROOKS when they cheated Indian students.

  22. What a pleasant language in pilot’s forum. Are you serious you want to become a pilot? At least maintain some decency, don’t leave others doubtless about your upbringing. There’s nothing wrong in a constructive argument but what are you trying to prove by using this kind of language. Are you trying to disarm others by using foul words.

    I am not on ASA’s or any individual’s side but on my own side, helping myself and taking care of my own problems, being selfish (and not regretting it). That’s why I decided to go far away from Mr. Prince and California.

    It pains to see you people fighting like slum dwellers instead of helping and supporting each other.

    Note to webmaster: Can I have your email, not gonna cry about ASA. Rather interested in doing some articles about travel/driving in general.

  23. Pilot747 ,
    I am not fighting with anyone,as you publish or write about Prince and Reny the same way we do. But did you notice that some students get so hurt by reading bad about their beloved Prince and Reny.
    Forget about getting united and fixing the Crooks, because amongst 100 students there are several groups formed? Is this called UNITY? These guys could never come together when all were in same situation , so guess will they ever come together to fix the Crooks? Some of them have already ran away. I understand about those who had no other choice then wasting their time here, but what about those who ran away but waste their and our time on this site by arguing and taking side of Prince and Reny.

    take care.

  24. Now a bit of my perspective from the sideline:

    Let me say it’s a refreshing and welcoming view expressed in the recent Vishwas’ post. To tell the truth, I am somewhat relived to find that a level of intellectual decorum and decency still remain extant among those majority of the ASA students. And some takes a stand to voice their disapproval and admonish the rampant use of vulgar language with a vengeance by those few.

    As pointed out by some bloggers earlier, the ASA students are seemed to be divided up in small groups and they lack unity to ride out the storm together. I was hoping one of the senior Indian instructors who was respected among the students would rise to an occasion to show such leadership. Apparently it did not happen.

    While I was born and grown up in an Asian country having a similar competitive culture like in India and I have a great respect for Indian people and particularly those young people who are determined to get ahead in their educational and vocational achievement, however their too strong a intensity may sometime result in “me first and careless others” attitude which in turn impede a group unity with a sense of esprit de corps.

    This was exactly what I felt at some kind of youth vocational school fair during my visit to Mumbai in June 1999. There were many school booths and kiosks including one from a flight school. The place was fully packed and I still remember the intensity of the people there devouring whatever the information they could put their hands on. Well talk about intensity, and this was at the vocational school level, what would it be like at IIT level? Phew!!

    Enough said to those who will get the point and for those who don’t, there are not enough words.

    Echo Yankee

  25. Echoyankee seems to be Prince’s & Reny’s lawyer whose license to practice law in court has been suspended (or maybe never had one), so he wants to be a blogger instead. We empathise with your situation and good luck with your endeavour.

    And Vishwas, nothing better is expected from you, please continue licking singh’s .ss.

  26. @Priti
    Not that my logical views are going to make any sense to you. Coz you have this uncanny ability to shake off any arguments against you by using third class language.
    Still I can’t help but wonder loudly.
    What makes you think that some of the ASA students are on Prince and Reny’s side? please stop making a fool of yourself. Just because some of us can’t use (or don’t feel the need to use) creative and inventive words like you to express our anger it doesn’t mean that we are on their side. Apparently everyone else here realizes that but you.

    The only amusing thing about your posts is the public display of your highly cultured upbringing and ignorance.

    I find it equally amusing when you say that some of us “Ran away”. Wow, thanks for enlightening me.. Now I realize that driving 1600miles in 24hrs to join a new school was indeed an act of running away. I should have stayed there in Atwater for someone to take pity on me. You do have a logic but it is badly screwed up, my advice to you is grow up and get some higher education because you badly need to adjust your perspective on things.
    I have a bad news for you, one day when you are flying solo at 6500ft and God forbid the engine fails you can’t bail out of the situation by swearing at mechanics and manufacturers. You need experience and patience to deal with tough situations.
    If you don’t feel that you need to change your attitude, I have a simple “bail out” plan for you join some political party in India, you will always be correct no matter what you do and you will have unlimited freedom to exercise your right to creative speech. The kind of language that you use is more than welcome in Indian parliament. This talent won’t help you much in aviation.

    Hope I didn’t offend anyone and hope it will open your eyes.
    Thank you

  27. Vishwas,
    First of all keep your stupid knowledge with you. Since you are 1600 miles away from here…..so I prefer you in real sense STAY AWAY. If you don’t have time and words to express your anger on prince and reny then why the hell are you posting your stupid messages? Are you wasting our time and yours too!
    Well bad news to you….though you have qualification in Aviation but your ATTITUDE will cause alottt of problems to you in life.
    Forget about flying idiot, you couldn’t fix a CROOK who swallowed your MONEY and instead you bended your knees in front of him and backed up and now you are talking about becoming a Pilot. The way you ran away from ASA just for your OWN Career , just by thinking about YOU alone, I think if one day you face a problem flying a aircraft…you will only think about YOUR OWN SAFETY and not the 100’s of passengers safety. RIGHT MR.GAIKWAD ?
    keep your suggestions with you or you can suggest your beloved prince and reny as how to RUN away from the COURT because by running 1600 miles you can at least suggest him about running for a while from the truth.
    One more thing, the students who suffered in ASA ….who really suffered in ASA, you better don’t compare your self with them. You are not at all hurt by whatever happened because unlike other students you were already in the position of taking admission in other schools. Now to shut our mouth , you talk as if you are talking for all 100 students like ( bhai bhai)…then Bhaiya ji why did you live your other friends there and alone packed your bag and ran away?
    Better don’t try to be toooo Smart.
    Keep your smartness for your future Career.
    And better stop talking about everybody’s upbringing…OK….who the HELL are you, what do you know about everyone. what is your upbringing?
    Forget about your upbringing you are not even capable of calling your self as a TRUE INDIAN.

    And one more thing About we saying BAD to Prince ,
    tell me in your HIGHER education have you ever heard or read about a saying that ” When in Rome , Do as Romans Do”.
    After reading this Do let me know whether did you really UNDERSTAND the meaning of the above saying.

    Best of Luck.
    Thank you

  28. Vishwas, thanks for your kind words and respect for the Indian parliament. It raises questions on your upbringing, before you point fingers at others.

    The issue is not about Vishwas, Priti, Bhavana, or Gautam, or what we think of eachother, the issue is the SCAM and FRAUD done by ASA (Prince & Reny) of unsuspecting and trusting foreign students. Everyone of us has suffered in one or the other way. How do we bring the CROOKS to justice? How do we get together for as common cause, and save aviation from further scams like this. Who is responsible for this SCAM. How to prevent it in the future. If any of you have some valuable, and sincere input towards the cause, please participate.

  29. Check This Out. ….To save DOLLARS….Prince must have done the SAME tooooooooooo.

    Monday, July 30, 2007
    When a pilot doesn’t trust his co-pilot

    Mumbai: Pilots are worried about their co-pilots and that is worrying the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). “Would you trust your driver if he had just 10 hours of driving experience?” asks a senior and experienced pilot of a low-cost airline.
    The boom in the aviation sector has triggered off a time-bomb waiting to explode. A student-pilot, who was earlier required to fly 250 hours for acquiring a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), is now required to fly only 200 hours.
    “After completing 197 hours, the next three hours are spent for the check ride to finally acquire a commercial pilot licence,” says Marc Carvalho, who is CEO of the Baramati-based Academy of Carver Aviation Private Ltd.
    Aviation experts are not as worried by the reduction in flying hours as by the decline in the quality and standards of training imparted. “There have been cases where a student has flown for one hour and the authorities at the flying clubs make them log in two hours or more,” says a captain with a major airline.
    “When they make the student log in more than what they have flown, they cut fuel cost, wear and tear of the machine. Also, many students move out quickly leading to more students coming in,” says an airline examiner. “As a result the quality being churned out by these schools is very poor.”
    29/07/07 R Swaminathan, Swati Chopra & Gautam Sheth/Daily News & Analysis

  30. @Pilot747,
    You have written “If any of you have some valuable, and sincere input towards the cause, please participate.”…… So let me tell you something, you all came to know about Prince when you all were left alone on the streets, but me and my family have being struggling hard since March itself, we wrote to all the authorities, including the FAA, Assembly Member, Congress Men, Merced Police, Atwater Police, Sheriffs Department, Merced County, Indian Consulate, American Ambassador ,District Attorney and many news media and so on.
    Though we didn’t start our training but we were very busy in fixing these CROOKS and at last our efforts showed the results.
    So Pilot747 you can surely ask Vishwas, Gautam and etc to REALLY PARTICIPATE instead of wasting time in just arguing on stupid issues which really make no sense.
    You too should work HARD to fix these CROOKS.
    Just saying FIX the CROOKS is not EASY,,,,,because we have being working really very very HARD to do so. But one thing is sure if you really work hard and if you know you are fighting against INJUSTICE then you are 100% bound to triumph.

    Remember where there is TRUTH there is GOD and where there is GOD there is SUCCESS.
    Best of Luck

    Bhavana !

  31. Now onto some substance:

    FAA’s aircraft registry still lists 30 aircraft currently registered under the name of American School of Aviation.


    Click on search by name and enter American School of Aviaiton in the box then click on go.

    My ball park market valuation is $1.3 to $1.7 million give or take for all 30 aircraft in aggregate.

    It’s too naïve to think however these aircraft physically still exist intact let alone unencumbered as they are most likely encumbered fully long since and they have little or no equitable value left in the eyes of competing creditors. Aircraft title search with FAA should reveal those information.

    On a personal note, me thinks it’s not pretty to see all those mud slinging, personal attacks and name calling of late by those handful of few on this blog site. Such exchanges of judgmental invectives thrown back and forth among own countrymen and countrywomen don’t define the opponent but rather reveal himself or herself with undeniable own references for all to see, upbringing and all. Exchange of spirited argument is welcome but personal attacks and name callings are not.

    And another personal note, while I hold a genuine ATP, an equivalent of PhD in pilot ratings, and additionally I hold a MBA and PhD from the University of US Street, it never occurred to me in my wildest imagination that I was one day granted a JD from the University of Blogosphere. I am flattered. LOL

    Echo Yankee

  32. People have gotto realise that fighting on a blog site like this is not going to get anyone anything…and there is absolutely no reason for name calling or abusive language..Show some respect to each other cause we are after all pilots and in the same field..and if u do know the asa students and knw who was and wasnt chamcha’s of prince and reny then so be it..there are always two sides to a coin which some people seem to have forgotten..you might have heard a lot of things from a lot of people or even seen it but the truth is u havent been through it so you would not know what exactly happened…there is no need for targeting someone personally and attacking that person’s character..if we cant be friends lets atleast be civil..

  33. @priti,
    Hi after reading u r post one thing is very much confirm that is u just came out of 12th hsc and u enterd aviation .ya i know sounds bad ,but no bad language use yet. let me tell me one thing when u use bad language it does nt make any difference to us b’coz we know tht using those word’s r nt gng to make any difference . i hope u understand and use a better language and if u r nt able to tell me i will help u out and pilot 747 i u have guts the why dnt u publish your own name and hell ya i m nt afraid of any one in this …….. wahtever u say and every assa student knows that any way i hope if u have any prob then call me on 209-777-7443. i am allways there to ans u people till 27 evening 3.30pm .and after that date u people can contact me on rohankm77@rediffmail.com i hope u people get in touch with me by call or email me on my personal id i will allways reply u back .see its better v talk 1st and then when v know each other then u can allways wright about us what ever u think .gt in touch lets talk and then wright about each other. One thing i want is my friends from asa i mean all the students should never get in any kind of problems in dgca because of wrong information tht’s all , and when i say some thing i mean that and yes i dnt want any x-asa student to be in any problem .priti and pilot747 please get in touch and let’s sort out the wrong knowledge about each other and then take some action lets work in a team i hope u do tht b’coz it will b gud for every one of us .and if u people do call me and i dnt ans please leave me a voice message with u r no so tht i can get in touch wth u guy’s. I am allways a friend to them who are friend to me.tc bye

  34. My view from the sideline:

    Last two class act comments posted by Deepa Purabhu and Rohan Mandle respectively validate my perception about the majority of ASA students, and I incline to imply this to the young Indian people with higher education in general, are well capable of maintaining their decorous integrity socially, professionally and otherwise.

    Since we are all given much freedom and range in this website by the courtesy of Second City, we may require from time to time to remind ourselves for not to be dragged down to the less than civil level by a handful of few who often fail to exercise his or her civility.

    Your timely effort for cleansing and course correction are much appreciated by many including myself.

    Thank you Deepa Purabhu and Rohan Mandle both.
    My hat is off.

    Echo Yankee, over and out.

  35. @ Rohan,
    Thank you for your reply. First let me introduce myself.
    I was born in India but raised and brought up in US. I have my Associates Degree in Science. I have more then 500 hours of flying experience. I am working on my Bachelors Degree and very soon will be joining the US Army.
    You say that I have come from HSC or whatever, so Rohan whatever comments I made from those comments how were you even able to think that I am 12th or HSC pass, because whatever you write or the way you write , not only me but every knowledgeable person will come to know about YOUR QUALIFICATION. Because your comments don’t even sound proper to read and also you have so many SILLY spelling mistakes in it. For example: check the spelling of “write” where you have written it as “wright”, and not only once but more than once.
    Regarding I knowing the history about ASA and the students there, so I have been here and in aviation industry for a very long time, I have also visited the ASA and when you see the SCHOOL , or meet the management , a knowledgeable person will comment about it in only 1 or 2 meetings. Whatever I talk or say about Prince (Manpreet) is very TRUE as per my knowledge. Whatever comments other students make for example : Capt.Kishore , Bhavana , Pilot747 ,Aman Singh etc are very TRUE.
    I don’t understand where do you guys get confused to know how Prince is ?
    Rohan, you are the student of ASA , so tell me on what bases do you guarantee about all the 100 students that they are all mature students, and no one is the follower of the founder of ASA that is Prince. We readers not only read the comments but also can say whether that comment is TRUE or FALSE by the language of argument the person has made, the way a questioned is RAISED and the way by how some of you just ignore those questions and argue on some baseless points. When you yourself have the confidence that you are saying the truth then why not answer the question in a proper way instead of giving suggestions like take Higher Education, Stop the Drugs , or even requesting the management of this site not to publish such comments and so on. This shows that when a sensible question is raised , without answering that question you guys just try to change the topic or challenge the person whether he or she has ever been the part of ASA and so on. Now what do you all want us to think about you after reading such comments from you.
    You say that you don’t want the DGCA to create problem for any ASA students, so let me tell you one thing, as now you are trying to be the Captain of all 100 students by showing so much care for the 100 students so instead of NOW if you would have shown this ACT in a early period of time then now at least the number of victims would have being less as compared to 100. You say you have been here for more than 2 years, then why were you waiting for 2 years?, why didn’t you take any action before , what were you waiting for. Did you ever complaint about ASA or Prince to any authority? No? …because you were waiting to complete your training and go back home and start working. At that point of time you never thought about the PRESENT and FUTURE students as how you are thinking about them today.
    Thank you for offering us to call you but Rohan that will not change the situation in which the ASA is or the students are. Though you talk about all the 100 students , but for god sake you yourself are not 1% confident about all of them.
    When someone says that ASA students are like this or like that, that time they also say that SOME were really here for proper EDUCATION, they don’t say BAD to EACH & EVERY STUDENT.
    Do you properly read the comments or do you miss some of the sentences? Read properly and then reply accordingly. And regarding the BAD LANGUAGE so as I said earlier “when in Rome, Do as Romans Do”. Better check the meaning of this sentence.
    Well I wrote enough for today.
    Take care and at least now learn to FIGHT for TRUTH & JUSTICE.


  36. ASA blog post ⑧ 7/2/2008

    Now onto flight school observation from the sideline:

    A dozen signs of good flight school

    1. Good schools never pressure and rush student to enroll and normally there’s a waiting list for enrolment.
    2. Good schools don’t need commission paid agents to recruit their students as they come to them.
    3. Good schools are properly certified by the governing agencies and keep up their status.
    4. Good schools do not offer a cheap course, nor guaranteed course.
    5. Good schools have well maintained aircraft
    6. Good schools have well qualified seasoned instructors.
    7. Good schools keep the completion standard high and eliminate those who repeatedly fail stage checks.
    8. Good schools have many satisfied graduates who find their employment as a commercial pilot.
    9. Good schools don’t have a high accident and incident rate.
    10. Good schools have good reputation in and outside of the industry and government agencies.
    11. Good schools never become a target of law suit.
    12. Good schools are managed by consummated aviation expert with known track record.

    To put all into perspective, some school names come into mind such as FlightSafety, Delta Academy, Bristow Academy to name just a few. There are many other reputable flight schools in the US that meet the above criteria.

    Now let’s take a look at how ASA fares with these criteria:
    1. Use of high pressure tactics, enroll anyone with ready payment any time with eager alacrity.
    2. Use commissioned recruiting agents in India who have little or no knowledge about flight training in the US.
    3. Numerous code violations some serious enough to cause an entire operation shut down by the authority.
    4. Offering a facially cheap price initially and then charging every extra afterwards. Giving empty promises.
    5. Poor maintenance and the aircraft were constant FAA scrutiny and enforcement action
    6. Most instructors are newly-mint inexperienced CFIs who’s primary interest is building their own flight time.
    7. Chronic scheduling problem impedes student’s progress resulting in much delay in the course completion.
    8. Only handful of few were graduated and found their pilot job position back home.
    9. Very high accident and incident rate due to poor maintenance and inexperienced teaching staff.
    10. It’s a laugh and shame or the industry and the subject of constant government scrutiny, FAA and all.
    11. Three pending and many more likely.
    12. No need to go in here as it’s all too obvious. Enough said and heard, no?

    Everything you see at ASA doesn’t meet any criteria to be a good flight school. Every indication and all the handwritings on the wall (American expression – incontrovertible evidence) were present for everyone to see from the beginning.

    It smelled bad then and the KFA wrappings and Prince ‘s guise in a mail-order house Sporty’s supplied pilot shirt with shoulder stripes and whole nine yards (another American expression – everything) coupled with a self-given captain’s title belied the true nature of the school build on the house of cards. The expression “The fish rots from the head.” rings all the more true in this ASA fiasco.

    So now, if anyone is planning to sign up new or re-signing up with a flight school can do the above due diligence before committing the precious fund. Remember, Caveat Emptor! “Buyers be aware!” that is.
    Good luck to you all.

    Echo Yankee, over and out.

    Now let’s take a look at how ASA fares with these criteria:
    1. Use of high pressure tactics, enroll anyone with ready payment any time with eager alacrity.
    2. Use commissioned recruiting agents in India who have little or no knowledge about flight training in the US.
    3. Numerous code violations some serious enough to cause an entire operation shut down by the authority.
    4. Offering a facially cheap price initially and then charging every extra afterwards. Giving empty promises.
    5. Poor maintenance and the aircraft were constant FAA scrutiny and enforcement action
    6. Most instructors are newly-mint inexperienced CFIs who’s primary interest is building their own flight time.
    7. Chronic scheduling problem impedes student’s progress resulting in much delay in the course completion.
    8. Only handful of few were graduated and found their pilot job position back home.
    9. Very high accident and incident rate due to poor maintenance and inexperienced teaching staff.
    10. It’s a laugh and shame or the industry and the subject of constant government scrutiny, FAA and all.
    11. Three pending and many more likely.
    12. No need to go in here as it’s all too obvious. Enough said and heard, no?

    Everything you see at ASA doesn’t meet any criteria to be a good flight school. Every indication and all the handwritings on the wall (American expression – incontrovertible evidence) were present for everyone to see from the beginning.

    It smelled bad then and the KFA wrappings and Prince ‘s guise in a mail-order house Sporty’s supplied pilot shirt with shoulder stripes and whole nine yards (another American expression – everything) coupled with a self-given captain’s title belied the true nature of the school build on the house of cards. The expression “The fish rots from the head.” rings all the more true in this ASA fiasco.
    So now, if anyone is planning to sign up new or re-signing up with a flight school can do the above due diligence before committing the precious fund. Remember, Caveat Emptor! “Buyers be aware!” that is.
    Good luck to you all.

  38. Navdeep seems to be Prince or Reny disguised under a new name, going by the language, and the tone of the responses that smell of deceit, frustration and that of a looser. Maybe you should focus on the issues…………….Why are some of the ASA airplanes now at CHINO AIRPORT? Where are the funds coming from to fuel and maintain them? Who is operating them? Who is flying them? What are the airplanes doing when they fly to Watsonville airport? Has anyone contacted CHINO airport and made them aware of the SCAM moving there?

  39. Bhavana, we all have always, if not publicly, appreciated your efforts in bringing the true face of Prince & Reny in front of us. But for your efforts, they would have continued their SCAM and cheated several others. Prince has brought a bad name to India and Aviation. Thanks for your efforts in putting an end to their dirty games, and maybe now we can all move on with our career and put this incident behind us, as we were not responsible for this SCAM, even my parents got taken in. But like any other injury, it will take time to heal. And the healing process also involves recovering my money (if we can), and seeing these CROOKS behind bars. UNTIL then my struggle will continue.

  40. Pilot747,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Today I came to know that Prince and Reny have ran to Egypt,I don’t know whether this is true or not . And their house in Atwater is now in fore closure.

    Well guys don’t worry, Singh and Reny will surely pay for what they have done. Though they have 4.4. Million Dollars but they will never have Peace and Happiness in their life, which we all have or will surely have. As before I have written , though we lost our money but our truth is with us, our God is with us.
    Cheating and looting people is in Singh’s blood, but we all know that the wealth earned by cheating someone never last for long, and plus God is always watching everything.
    Singh and Reny will surely end up behind bars , but that is not enough,because he will also be punished by GOD and that will be worse for him.

    Well keep fighting for justice and never give up because God is with us , though it will take time but at last truth triumphs.

    Take care.


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